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Calls in Basketball are plays which is like a strategy to score in a game.

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Q: What are the calls in basketball?
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Is the top of the basketball back board out of bounds?

yes the reff calls it out of bounds.

The person that controls the game and calls out fouls is called what in the sport of basketball?

The referee

What is the call of basketball?

There are many calls in basketball. For example, Charging, Shooting Foul, Blocking Foul, Reach-In Foul and many more.

What happens if 2 players have a ball in their hand in basketball?

the refferee calls a jump ball

Does a basketball team still get a timeout if they have used all timeouts but still calls one?


What is direction of play in basketball?

The referee points to direction and calls out color of team with possession of ball.

What sport is more fun to watch hockey or basketball?

Hockey doesn't have players flopping for calls. Basketball does however have a player named Meta World Peace.

What basketball team calls the Moncton Coliseum home?

There are a few basketball team that call the Moncton Coliseum home. One such team is the Moncton Miracles. This women's basketball team considers the Moncton Coliseum as its home arena.

What changes have there been to the original basketball rules?

now there is more fouling and penalty calls. you are now allowed to dribble

What is a official job during a basketball game?

To make fair calls and make a good clean fair game.

What does pg mean in basketball?

PG in basketball stands for Point Guard, sort of the "quarterback" of the game. The PG calls plays and usually just takes 3 pointers and steals the ball.

What happens when a player in basketball travels?

If a player in Basketball travels, the umpire calls travel and its a turn over to the other team, meaning the other team gets the ball and they throw it in from the side line.

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