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To do a NETBUSTER in Urban freestyle soccer, first hold down CTRL + SHIFT and Press and of these buttons S, A, W, D.

Don't forget to try their combinations.

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Q: What are the buttons for the net buster for urban freestyle soccer?
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How do you changed controls urban freestyle soccer?

Changing the controls on Urban Freestyle Soccer is considered a cheat code. Shortcuts and cheat codes are by consensus considered unethical. For some games, they can result in being locked out.

How do you make a net buster for urban freestyle soccer?

bhenke lodo kuch aata hai tumhe maiyo chudao salo.................ganduo ________________________________________________________ hold ctrl and shift key together and then press A, S, W or D..

How do you activate netbuster in urban freestyle soccer?

Hold ctrl+shift (left).press any of this A+D or S+W

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