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Black panthers do not have many enemies. Alligators and bears are known to eat black panthers and they are currently the only known meat eaters to do so.

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Q: What are the black panther's enemies?
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Who are black panthers enemies?

rabbits,fox,other cool things

Why are humans enemies to panthers?

Humans do not have to be enemies of panthers; panthers live in the wild and humans live in cities and other areas that have been adapted to our purposes. It is also true that the big cats, such as panthers, can and do eat primates such as human beings, given the opportunity to do so. They are predators and we can fill the role of prey. So there is a certain biological basis to consider them enemies. But as long as we are safely separated from panthers, they are not our enemies.

Are leopards and black panthers the same?

Black panthers are black leopards, and, black jaguars.

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What race are all the black panthers?

their is no race for black panthers

What is a blach panthers species?

Black panthers are either black leopards or black jaguars.

Are black panthers predators?

Human beings are the biggest threat to the survival of black panthers. The environmental changes, which cause the loss and deterioration of natural habitats for black panthers, are also a big threat to black panthers.

Do black panthers have any enemies?

The term black panther may refer to a melanistic (black) leopard or a melanistic jaguar. A leopard would have no problems getting along with another leopard even if it were black. I doubt a leopard would get along well with a black jaguar, however.

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How do black panthers get their food?

Black panthers are predators and they hunt other animals for food