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The biggest gymnastics competition is the Olympics, because all the gymnastic competitions and events are held at the same time of the Olympics so they have put them together as one whole event, including all the other events too like running, hurdles etc.

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some are the floor exercise, the olympics, etc

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Q: What are the biggest gymnastics competitions?
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Who is Gabby Douglas's Biggest competitor?

At US gymnastics competitions, Jordyn Wieber was Gabby's biggest competitor. During the All-Around competition at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Viktoria Komova of Russia was Gabby's biggest competitor.

What is the difference between competitive and compulsory gymnastics?

Competitive gym is where you do competitions and try to win amid a group of other gymnasts. Compulsory gymnastics is has levels of gymnastics that you must complete in order to qualify for some competitions.

What is one rule for gymnastics?

Safety is the biggest rule in Gymnastics.

How much do elite gymnasts make?

They do not get paid. Gymnastics competitions are all amateur.

Did Lauren Mitchell compete in the 2012 London Olympics?

Yes in the team and Floor Gymnastics competitions

Best gymnatics team?

* China because they did the better than any team in the gymnastics competitions in China.

What are the most important Gymnastics worldwide events?

The most notable gymnastics competitions are: * Olympics * World Championships * World Cup * European Championships * Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships * Pan American Games There are other international level competitions that are "invitationals" that take place in the US, Europe, Asia, etc. The best place to find a listing is the look through the international calendar that can be found on the USA Gymnastics website.

What level belt do you have to be in in gymnastics to go to competions?

there is no belt needed for gymnastics competitions. Most gyms let their gymnast start competeing at level 3. But rarelyy there is level 1 and 2 availabe

Why are gymnastics and ice skating sports and not ballet?

Some people do consider ballet a sport (I do). the only reason it is not is because it does not have competitions. or does it? I'm not sure. i don't take ballet. if it does have competitions then I'm not sure why it is not considered a sport

Do the gymnasts get paid at a large gymnastics event that has thousands of paid customers?

If you're talking about competitions, then no. Competitive gymnasts are never paid (in the U.S. or at international competitions) to compete, even if it's the Olympics with thousands of paid spectators. There is, with one very very limited exception, no such thing as being a "professional" gymnast. Gymnastics is all amateur.

Why was gymnastics created?

Gymnastics was not simply 'created'. It evolved over time mostly from contortion But there is a reason why it became famous. It started in circuses, as freak shows then developed into competitions and the moves developed into named, serious moves.

What do you do in competitive gymnastics?

Pre-competitive gymnastics is basically working on technique and conditioning, and getting you ready if you decide to take up competitive gymnastics. Many places let you compete in competitions. After some time if the coaches think you are doing well, they will recommend you to join the competitive group.