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in schools there can not be rivals but in English football Liverpool fc and Manchester United are the biggest rivals. Manchester united have won the league 19 times and Liverpool fc have won the league 18 times. also sinse Kenny dalglish the Liverpool fc legend came back, Manchester united are no where next to Liverpool fc. this season Liverpool fc beat Manchester uited 3-1. that can also prove Liverpool fc can be the greatest team in football history. back in them dalglish times Liverpool fc used to play Barcelona football.

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Q: What are the biggest football rivalries in England?
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Who are rivals in football world cup?

There are lots of rivalries. Germany - Holland, England - Germany, England - Scotland etc.

Which is the biggest football club in England?

Manchester United is the biggest club in England.

How many rivalries are there in college football?

There are hundreds of rivalries in college football, too many to be named.

What country has the biggest football league?


What is the biggest football fan in England?

Liverpool fc

Where is the biggest football stadium?

in England the stadium of Manchester united

What are the biggest football clubs in England?

Blackburn Rovers F.C

What sport has the biggest participation in England?

Fishing (angling) is the biggest participative sport in England with over 4 million in the UK. Football is the biggest spectator sport.

What are the greatest rivalries in college football?

U of M vs. OSU

What is the biggest football stadium in England?

In club level it is Old Trafford, but Wembley is also there.

What are the biggest company rivalries as of 2012 internationally?

Apple vs Samsung (google).

What are some of the biggest rivalries in NASCAR?

True rivalries have died out in modern NASCAR given the infrequency with which specific pairings of drivers have confronted one another.

What is better softball of football?

Football. I challenge you to name 5 major baseball rivalries that the whole country knows about.

What are the biggest rivalries for the Miami Heat?

The Miami Heat is a professional men's basketball team in the eastern conference of the NBA. The Miami Heat's biggest rivalries include the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks, and Boston Celtics.

What is the biggest victory for the England football team?

The English soccer team won the World Cup in 1966.

What is the biggest city in England that does not have a football league club?

The biggest city in England without a football league club is Bath. Not even close. Bath population is only 90,000. Salford is a much bigger city with close to 200K, but both are dwarved by WAKEFIELD at 316,000

What are the Longest continuous football rivalries?


Who are Notre dames best rivalries?

The biggest rival for Notre Dame is USC and this rivalry dates back to the late 1920's. Other rivalries include the Navy, Michigan State, and Purdue.

Whats the biggest village in England?

Rossington is the biggest village in England

What is the biggest castle in England?

The biggest castle in England is the Winsor Castle

What is the sectional rivalries?

What ARE the sectional rivalries

What is the biggest thing in England?


Are there tryouts for football in England?

Yes, there r tryouts for football in England!

Which football club has the biggest fan base in Spain?

The football club with the biggest fan club in Spain is Barcelona football team.

What is the biggest football stadium in the UK?

The answer is England's stadium Wembley, which holds around 90,000 . The biggest club stadium is Manchester United's stadium, Old Trafford, which holds around 75,000