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LSU: Louisiana State University

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Q: What are the big football colleges in Louisiana?
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What 4 Louisiana colleges beat lsu football team?

Centenary, Louisiana Tech, Loyola & Tulane

What 4 Louisiana colleges have beaten LSU in football?

Tulane USL ULAm NIcholls ULM

What are some colleges in Louisiana?

There are many colleges in Louisiana but some of the best colleges are Louisiana Technical University, University of Louisiana and there are many more

Do colleges get paid to play football games?

Yes, big time.

What colleges are known for football?

Ohio State BuckeyesTexas LonghornsTexas A&M Aggiesthose are just a few real big football colleges. add more if you like.

Where are the football grounds in Louisiana?

The most popular football ground in Louisiana is Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. This is the grounds where LSU plays. There are other small places located at high schools and colleges around the state.

When was Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football created?

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs football was created in 1901.

Division 1 college football programs in Louisiana?

There are several Division 1 college football programs in Louisiana. These include Louisiana State University, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana Lafayette, as well as Louisiana Monroe.

What colleges you have in Louisiana?

Ram in the bush christian college

What type of sports do they play in Louisiana?

they play football in louisiana.

What American college football teams participate in The Big Game rivalry?

Lots of American college football teams participate in The Big Game and some of these colleges include Stanford, California, San Francisco, and Berkeley.

What are good colleges for football?


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