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Ten days ahead of a half marathon you have started tapering. That is, reducing your mileage considerably in order to be well rested for the big race.

Many runners make the mistake to also reduce intensity and stick to easy, slow runs only. The risk in doing that is that you will end up with stale legs on race day.

So the keys are:

  • Reduce mileage
  • Keep intensity

Typically the last 10 days would then look something like this:

10 days out: easy run 30-45 mins

8 days out: last long run, make sure long run is 30-40% shorter than what you are used to.

6 days out: tempo session, again, reduced length of tempo intervals (e.g. 1 mile repeats at tempo speed) and reduced length of total session.

4 days out: interval session, but with short intervals, e.g. 1-3 minutes intervals and reduced length of interval sessions

2 days out: easy run max 30 mins

1 day out: easy run max 30 mins or rest

This ensures that you still do your quality sessions like long run, tempo run and interval run, but gets you well rested for race day.

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Q: What are the best training session 10 days before half marathon?
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How early should I start a half marathon training schedule before the race?

You should start training for a half marathon as early as possible. You will then be in the best shape, and you will be able to run to the best of your ability.

What is the best training marathon program?

Hal Higdon sells a series of marathon training programs. He guarantees marathon success by following the programs. Check out his Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide, available at:

Where can I do half marathon training?

Consult with a personal trainer to find out how best to train for a half marathon. Also you can visit your local gym to learn about training for marathon running.

What components of fitness are used in a marathon and what methods of training do you think would be best when training for a marathon?

Running a marathon is considered an aerobic activity requiring a lot of endurance. The best way to train for any activity or event is simply to perform activity specific training. In this case, training the body to run a marathon would be to run long distances.

What is the best workout routine for preparing for a marathon?

The best workout routine for preparing for a marathon are at the following sites online , and this site .

What are the best warm up excercises before running a marathon?

For marathon training, in my opinion, doing basic stretches like touching your toes is a great way to loosen up. The pretzel is a nice way to stretch different areas.

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What's the best diet to go when training?

The best type of diet for marathon training is dependent on each individual. The best way to decide what is right for you is to consult your doctor, and a nutrition specialist.

What is a good marathon training plan?

There are many marathon training plans available online. Many are aimed at beginners who have little or no experience with running. Almost with no exception these plans focus on easy running only and get you to run 20 miles once or twice during the training cycle. This generally leaves you under-prepared for the marathon. A good marathon training plan combines easy running with faster running (tempo running and intervals). It also contains test runs / training races that give you a good sense of what you are capable of on race day. One of the best marathon training programs available today is 100 Day Marathon Plan by Marius Bakken. The approach is modern and fresh. In addition to several different marathon running programs sorted by finish time his program also contains videos, written information and the ability to ask questions. An older good marathon training program is Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger and Douglas. Their marathon plans are sorted based on the number of miles you want to do and is accompanied by an enormous amount of useful information.

How should you write an objective for a training session if they want to know what you want to get out of the session and why you want a place in the course?

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When beginning a cardiorespiratory training regimen it's best to plan for how many session per week?

3 to 5 sessions per week should be planned for.