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The body falls to the ground in a controlled manner by a fall backward on the outer surface of the knee and lower leg, or just by diving head first.

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Have you legs look like a four with your dominant foot straight and you following foot bent. Put you hand into the air so you do not break your wrists. Try to lean back so that a tag aimed high will miss and you have a better chance of being safe. Also, try to approach the bag like an airplane, not a helicopter. This means try to gradually get lower to the ground before your slide rather than going straight into the slide. The second way will cause a pain in your butt, literally.

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well first of all..... you need to get a good running start.......... then when you are abought 5/6 of the way there; you put your non-domonite leg on the bottom of you and through your legs with your running force to slide into the bag.

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Q: What are the best techniques for sliding into a base?
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Usually by pushing the guard off to one side and sliding in along it. The techniques are difficult to explain, the best way to learn is to practice it with a qualified instructor.

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What does sliding do?

Sliding helps you get to a base when the ball is being thrown to the person covering that certain base. You slide to get under the ball so they have a harder time tagging you.

What is the Recommended sliding distance to 2nd base?

You will have to practice sliding to know what this distance is for you. It is different for everyone. I started my slide when i was about 6or 7 feet away form the base.

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Is sliding into a baseball base a push pull gravity or friction?

Sliding into a baseball base involves a combination of friction and gravity. Friction helps the player slow down, while gravity aids in pulling the player down towards the base. Players may also use a push-off motion with their legs to propel themselves towards the base during the slide.

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Yes. There is no MLB rule that prohibits sliding or diving head first into any base.

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