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I think it is the Oakley A Frame Snow Goggle. I saw it in They provide resources of different ski goggles and ski helmets as well.

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Q: What are the best oakley ski goggles?
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Are Oakley ski goggles a reliable choice?

Oakley ski goggles are a very reliable choice, and the brand is very well respected and offers premium, durable goggles for a fair price. They are recommended by professionals everywhere.

What is the best ski goggle lens?

The most popular brands for ski goggles include Bolle, Oakley, Scott USA, and Smith. These ski goggles are available in different styles and colors. It also differs from several features and new technology used in lenses and material. There are some ski goggles that have night vision features as well as shatterproof features.

What is the best brand for snowboarding goggles?

For big heads: Dragon Goggles For narrow heads: Oakley Goggles

What are the best ski goggles?

oakleys trust me.

What are the most popular brands for skiing goggles?

Some of the most popular brands of Ski goggles are Oakley, Bolle, Scott, and Smith. Also, Native Eyewear Mission Ski goggles are well known for their polarized lenses and are a favorite among many people.

Where can you find an Oakley Crowbar?

Oakley Crowbar goggles can be obtained from most ski and board shops. Amazon, Oakley and Backcountry are also good places to check out. Amazon may even have them at a discounted price.

What goggles fit uvex ski helmets best besides uvex goggles?

Dragon goggles fit perfectly!

Is there a difference between biking goggles and ski goggles?

Moto goggles are single lens, ski goggles are double lens. The double lens reduces fogging, which is nice on the slopes and why ski goggles are more expensive. Also, good ski goggles come with UV protection, but some moto goggles do not.

Where can one find consumer reviews for Oakley Wisdom goggles?

Consumer reviews for the snowboarding goggles, Oakley Wisdom goggles, can be found at Oakley's site. Reviews for this product can also be found at Amazon, and at Rei.

Where can Oakley Goggles be found?

Oakley goggles can be found at numerous retailers all over the internet. The first place to look is on Oakley's official website. Other retailers that sell Oakley goggles are Sports Authority, Dick's Sporting Goods and Backcountry.

Are smith ski goggles shatterproof?

No, not entirely. But most ski goggles are close to shatterproof, yes.

How much do Oakley splice goggles cost?

The price of Oakley Splice Goggles will vary depending on where it is purchased from. On average, the goggles will range anywhere from $60 up to the hundreds.

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