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Walt Disney World features six Golf courses, each with a distinctly different character. Oak Trail has nine holes and is rated for beginners. Carts are required (except at Oak Trail) and included in fees. Palm Golf Course designed by Joe Lee is the top rated, a par 72 with a USGA 73.0 This is Disney's best course, with amazing greens, considering the volume. The signature 18th hole has an island green and has been rated as high as fourth among all holes on the PGA tour. Magnolia Golf Course also by Joe Lee, also has plenty of water par 72, USGA 73.9. The Osprey Ridge Golf Course by Tom Fazio is more modern, with large rolling mounds, absurdly huge greens, and elevated tees and greens. It's a par 72, USGA 73.9 Eagle Pines by Pete Dye will remind many golfers of the Carolinas. Dishshaped greens with water at nearly every hole and a mix of sand, straw and green fairways. Aesthetically, this course is remarkable. Par 72,USGA 72.3

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Q: What are the best golf courses at Walt Disney World?
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