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Depends on person but something high in carbohydrates for energy is good. Example: Pasta

And you should probably eat between one and one and half hours beforehand. After that, just light fluids.

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Q: What are the best foods to eat before a football game and when should they be eaten?
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What kinds of foods should be eaten more?

Healthy and organic foods should be eaten more.

What types of foods are eaten in Malaysia?

I've been to Malaysia before, and mainly Chinese, Indian and Muslim foods are eaten in Malaysia. Pork is not usually eaten, and you should only eat using your right hand.

What foods are being chopped?

Foods that are being chopped include carrots, celery, tomatoes, onions, and more. There are tons of foods that can be chopped, and often should be before they are eaten.

Why must some foods be cooked before they are eaten?

Some foods must be cooked before they are eaten ,because if they are not cooked they can cause food poisoning to the consumer.

When should sugary foods be eaten?

Sugary foods should be eaten sparingly, in small amounts, usually as dessert after the main meal of the day.

What foods should not be eaten often?

Foods that high in fat content such as fast foods and junk foods, fried and fatty foods.

How does space food spoil?

Space food can spoil within two days and should be eaten before that time. Space food are a variety freeze dried foods that need to be rehydrated to be eaten.

What foods should be eaten 2 hours before a soccer game?

Spaghetti, water, or gaterade. something with a lot of electrolytes

What are the foods that should only be eaten by the person who have allergy?

You should be tested by an allergist so you are aware of the specific foods you are allergic to. Those are the foods you should always avoid.

What foods should be eaten on a rheumatoid arthritis diet?

Only foods that do not aggravate the arthritis should be eaten. It would be best to consult with your doctor and perhaps also a dietician to ensure you still have a healthy diet.

What foods should not be eaten together?

pepsi and mentos of course!

What food that can not eat?

Foods that have gone bad should not eaten.

What are the fatty foods that should not be eaten after gallbladder removal?

anything fried

How long can you store cooked vegetable in fridge?

A refrigerator is a way to store foods that are to be eaten in a few days. Cooked foods that are in the refrigerator should be eaten within 5 days. Any longer than that they should be thrown in the garbage.

What fruits or vegetables can't be eaten raw?

Some foods that should never be eaten raw are yucca and cactus. Potatoes, rhubarb stalks, and chaya should also never be eaten without cooking them first.

How can you get photos and notes of foods eaten in America?

The link below should help.

Are there certain foods that should or should not be eaten while having your period?

no, not really, but tea helps cramps

What can be eaten by someone with uric acid?

Some of the foods that may be eaten for someone on a uric acid diet include whole grains, tofu, cherries, salmon, and celery. You should avoid the foods that are high in fat and known as purine rich foods.

What are the best foods to eat before a football game?

healthy food.

How were the foods in your pyramid organized?

The foods in the food pyramid are ordered from bottom to top in quantity of how much should be eaten of each daily.

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Some of the foods eaten during ramadan is my booty

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the foods that are mostly eaten in the Philippines reali doesnt matter

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beans and rice. and cheese too. and pizza. =]

What foods should be eaten on mount Everest?

Somebody please answer this question i need it for a project

What staple foods are eaten in northern Russia?

staple foods are eaten in northern Russia are northern russia staple foods