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Q: What are the best cheerleader wardrobe fails?
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Who's the beat cheerleader?

The best cheerleader is not the one person with the best jumps, the most advanced tumbling, or the sharpest motions... THE BEST CHEERLEADER IS THE TEAMPLAYER WITH THE MOST POSITIVE ENERGY, SMILES, AND SPIRIT

What is the plot of you were a non blonde cheerleader?

Uh. You don't have to be blonde to be a cheerleader. I am a brunette and I am still a flier, best tumbler, and a cheerleader. You also don't have to be a girl.

What do you do to become cheer captain?

Be the best cheerleader!

Who was the best cheerleader in the world?

Bobby joe

How is mckenzie parrish the best cheerleader?

she isnt i am

Where can I find a cheerleader costume for Halloween?

If you are looking for more information on where can you find a cheerleader costume for Halloween, the best place to look is on

How can you be the BEST cheerer ever?

Just try your best. There is no such thing as a perfect cheerleader.

Who is the best wolfpack cheerleader?

Sammy Ashley Britny and Josie

C.S. Lewis best book?

The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

Where is the best place to buy wardrobe doors in the UK?


What are some situations where you feel schadenfreude?

The German word "Schadenfreude" refers to taking pleasure in other peoples misfortune. This might be experienced, for example, when an enemy fails in a task, an ex-partners new relationship fails or a beautiful woman experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.

What is the plural of cheerleader?