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undertaker- ministry of darkness theme (1998-1999)


I think Cm Punk: Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns

Cody Rhodes and Ted dibiase : priceless

The Nexus :we are one by 12 stones

The Rock helicopter theme Hollywood: 2003

These all suck the one that is the best is Triple H's I Am The Game p.s. and if your not down with that than i just got two words for ya


The Nexus, Edge, triple H

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โˆ™ 2011-04-17 07:15:22
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Q: What are the best WWE theme songs in your opinion?
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Wwe superstars theme songs?

Their theme songs are their entrance songs

Whats edges theme song called?

what are the names of the theme songs of the superstars in the wwe ?and what can i do so that the wwe can send me photos of the superstars? what are the names of the theme songs of the superstars in the wwe ?and what can i do so that the wwe can send me photos of the superstars?

Where can you hear WWE theme songs?


How many theme songs has the undertaker had?

The Undertaker has had a total of 12 theme songs while working in the WWE/F.

Where can you find WWE latest theme songs?

Is there a site where you can download FREE WWE etc theme songs?

search wwe entrance music

Where can you download free WWE superstars theme songs?


What WWE superstars sing their own theme songs?

The rock

Who makes WWE superstar theme songs?

Jim A. Johnson

Where can you download the undertakers WWE theme music for free?

go on www.mp3 then search up undertaker song Visit here to download best wwe superstars theme songs

How do wrestlers get their theme songs?

I think they have a decision on their new theme song. If i am wrong,it may be the wwe office who decides. Or Jim Johnston as he conducts most of the songs that wrestlers use as their theme songs.

What is the best WWE theme?


Is there a website where you can hear and download WWE superstar's theme songs?

How can i get a CD of WWE theme songs?

easy go to the shop fool

What is ted and maryse new theme song?

You can find their songs on iTunes if you type in Jim Johnston for all WWE theme songs (:

What is the WWE superstars theme song?

The theme song to WWE Superstars is " Invincible " by Adelitas Way.Triple H has the best theme songs. He has three "The Game, The King of Kings and Evolution." All three songs were performed by Motorhead. Other than that The Undertaker's theme song is pretty cool.Actually It is not called "Evolution" it was "Line in the Sand" by Moterhead

What were the theme songs to WWE's monday night raw?

Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground

What is Layla's WWE theme song?

When Layla was in the WWE, her theme songs were "Nasty Boy", "Not Enough for Me" and "Insatiable". Layla retired professional-wrestling yesterday on July 29th, 2015.

Is there a website where you can hear all of the WWE superstars' theme songs?

Yes, the WWE website. You can also use a website called Playlist if you know the names of the songs.

Where can i download Jeff Hardy's theme song?

Jeff Hardy theme songs and other wwe themes can be found at

Who sings the WWE Evolution theme?

Evolution had two theme songs "Line in the Sand" by Motörhead and "Evolve" by Jim Johnston

Who are the artists of all the WWE superstars?

Jim Johnston writes and sometimes performs many of the theme songs for WWE superstars and divas.

Who has the best WWE theme song?

Jeff Hardy

Who is the best WWE divas?

Everyone has their own opinion.

Where can I download The Time is Now by John Cena the full version?

on a place called "funmaza" you will find WWE theme songs which are by or from WWE wrestlers