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You don't have to wear a suit and vest.


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Q: What are the benefits of playing snooker online?
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Where could one go online for tips on playing snooker?

There are many places where one could go online for tips on playing snooker. There's Reddit where if you can find the appropriate subreddit there's bound to be someone to help you out and give you some pointers.

What are the benefits of online gaming?

benefits of online gaming, are that you get to meet new friends, and have some fun playing the game.

What do you call a Scot that is an expert at snooker?

Very good at playing Snooker. A Rumor

What is meant by funky snooker?

Funky Snooker is a snooker multiplayer online snooker game, with regular tournaments and social matches. The term "Funky" means 'original', 'earthy' or 'uncomplicated'. "Funky" snooker play would be original, complicated, tricky and low-percentage.

What are the benefits of playing kids online games?

While one should always be careful about what kids do online, there are some benefits of online games. For example, playing games alone can encourage independence as well as to build self-confidence. Of course, parents should monitor online usage carefully.

Where can one download a snooker game online?

There are lots of sites online that have free web-based snooker games, such as Gamesative, BGames and PlayFG. There are also some on popular PC game platform Steam.

What does Gamezer specialize in?

Gamezer is an online portal for playing billiards. Gamezer offers many varieties of billiards, including snooker, nine-ball, and the more popular eight-ball.

Where can one find free snooker games?

There are many online gaming sites which offer free snooker games. Gamesitive, Pubsnooker and Agame are three. Snooker is a game that is popular in the United Kingdom though it is not completely unknown in the United States.

What is snooker full name?

The full name of snooker is SNOOKER.

Where can somebody find Snooker coaching lessons?

You can find Snooker coaching lessons online. A few examples where you can get some lessons are thesnookergym, snookerdelight, snookercoaching and many more places.

When was Thomsons Online Benefits created?

Thomsons Online Benefits was created in 2000.

What Online game do they play on the simpsons?

you can play thousands of games online. like UNO, Cricket, Snooker, Pool and lots of action.

What are the benefits of playing games on laptop?

there are no benefits.

What is a snooker table trap called?

If, when playing snooker, you leave you opponent in such a position that he has no legal direct shot to a ball and must curve the cue ball or play a rebound from a cushion, this is called being 'snookered'.

A name for snooker center?

Snooker hall.

Causes of playing online games?

causes of playing online game causes of playing online game

What are the benefits of using EandTrade?

The benefits of Etrade, like any online business, is the fact that it is online. Meaning that you can trade online, get quotes online, and do business faster.

How do you say i dont like playing snooker in french?

je n'aime pas jouer au billard

How does online defensive driving benefit someone?

Online defensive driving benefits people when they are playing racing computer games. You have to be able to dodge other cars who are trying to hit you on purpose.

What is a snooker table?

a snooker table is a table for the sport- snooker. it has 4 legs, and 6 pokets for the potted balls

What are some benefits from playing basketball?

Some benefits from playing basketball are better fitness, heart healthy,and muscles.

What is a ball return?

A ball return is a device in bowling or snooker where balls can be placed on the area of play for playing again.

Is snooker an indoor game?

Yes, snooker is played inside.

What qualifications do you need to be a snooker referee?

You need to be a snooker ref

What is the counter under the snooker table for?

Its a heater for the snooker table

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