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The basic object of curling is to place your stone closest to the center of the 12 foot circular target area (the House).

Each team has four players.

A throwers teammates may use brooms or brushes to direct the stone's path. Brushing the ice creates a thin film of water that allows the stone to move more easily.

There are ten ends (much like innings in Baseball.)

In each end teams alternate shots until sixteen stones have been thrown (actually, stone slide, they are not literally thrown)

Players throw two of their team's stones then change position, with the best player typically throwing last

Teams get one point for each stone they place closer to the center than the opponents closest stone to the center. Only one team can score per end.

The team who throws the last stone in an end (the Hammer) has a tactical advantage. If Team A scores in an end Team B will have the Hammer in the next end.

Teams with the hammer try to get at least 2 points, teams without the hammer try to limit the other team to 1 point if they cannot score themselves.

If no stones are inside the House at the conclusion of the end no points are scored and the team with the hammer retains it in the next end
The general rules of the game are the same in most places, however some specific rules differ from country to country and according to level of play.

If you're new to the game or playing in a recreational league, the PDF will have all you need to know and more.
Basically, two teams of four people take turns trying to get their stones closer to the button (center circle of the bullseye) for ten innings (called ends). Knocking the opponent's stones out is part of the strategy. For a more extensive explanation of the official rules, see the attached link.

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Q: What are the basic rules of Olympic curling?
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Go to for official rules.