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Q: What are the ambitions of Lionel messy?
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Who player has got golden shoe?

Lionel messy

What game is Lionel messy associated?

foot ball

Which football player known as little messy?

Lionel Messi.

Do you think Lionel Messi is messy according to his last name?

No he is not at all messy character he is very popular and humble player.

Who is Lionel messy?

Lionel Messi is an the number 1 soccer player in barcalona and everyone

Is Lionel messy married?

Lionel Messi has three girls. He's been linked to Antonella, Macarena Lemos, and Salazar.

What soccer team does Lionel Messy play for?

Are you stupid!!!!! I cant believe your asking this question.. he plays for barcelona!!!!! Dummy

What is messi early life like?

In terms of Lionel Messi, He was diagnosed with a bone disease which meant that he wasn't going to grow properley. His parents were faced witha HUGE medical bill, but because Barcelona had been interested in him they paid for the surgery. In return Lionel Messi signed a contract. He became their youngest ever player to start at the Nou Camp. And in terms of messy, as in making mess, ummm... I guess messy?

Who is messy?

Lionel Messi is a fantastic football player who currently plays for Barcelona.

How many kids did Lionel Messy have?

2 kids (Boy's) Elder Kid Name: Thiago Messi (4 Years) Younger Kid Name: Mateo Messi (2 Years)

Had high ambitions crossword clue?

Had high ambitions

What was David beckhams ambitions?

Davids Beckham's ambitions are to bubgge