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You get fit

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Q: What are the advantages of playing sports?
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Is there any advantages to chewing gum while playing sports?

there is no advantages to chewing gum while playing sport

What are some advantages of playing sports?

you will fit and your health will better

What are the disadvantages of playing individual sports?

There are quite a few disadvantages of playing individual sports. These advantages include getting a big ego and not learning teamwork.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing a sport in college?

One advantage to playing sports in college is the fact that you will be healthier for it. A disadvantage of playing sports is the fact that your grades may suffer if you don't do it properly.

What is the advantage of playing sport?

Some advantages of playing sports you can lose weight have fun and meet new people .

What are the good points advantages of playing team sports?

Oh, that's exactly what i want to ask!

What are the sport advantages?

advantages of a sport carwhat is advantages of sports?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of professional sports?

Well the advantages are alot of money fame you know things lke that but a bad thing would be the fact that you could get seriously injured while playing

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

Is playing sports in the rain bad?

No playing sports in the rain is more fun

When did women start playing sports and what sports?

they started playing them in 1345 and those sports were gopher wrestling and beaver racing!

What are benefit for playing sports?

The benifit of playing sports is to get fit and live a longer life

How many people get injured playing sports each year?

it depends on how many people are playing sports.

Is sports the best?

It is, if you enjoy playing sports.

Disadvantages of sports?

the diadvanteges of sports is you might get hurt playing sports

What are some advantages of playing basketball?

Advantages of playing basketball is playing the sport you love and playing against the best if you plan on going pro. And playing in the atmosphere is unbelievable

Is there an advantages by taking a drugs in sports?

No, there are much more disadvantages than advantages. It is not worth it.

What do guys like doing?

Playing sports, watching sports, playing video games, and listening to music.

What is the advantage of playing sports?

Participating in any kind of sports has various benefits. Some of the advantages include; developing leadership and teamwork skills, it helps reduce depression and stress, it helps prevent being overweight and it is a source of income.

How many sports are Canada playing in the Olympics?

10 Sports

If you spend two hours playing sports- what percent of your day is devoted to sports?

At least 8.33%. But if you play sports for two hours, chances are you spend some time on sports when you're not playing.

How much time do people spend playing sports?

a love playing sports.i play sports all the time.

What are the occupational benefits of playing sports?

Playing sports has been linked to improvements in academic, social, and career success. Individuals who play competitive sports are less likely to smoke or use illicit drug. Playing sports can actually increase success in the classroom and boardroom.

Do you do sports in a sports jacket?

I cannot think of an occasion that you would wear a sports jacket while playing sports. If you are cold you probably would wear a windbreaker or even a speedsuit like in skiing, but I have never heard of playing in a sports jacket.

What do you get out of playing sports?


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