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Bowling is a game and can also called as exercise.

so the advantages of playing bowling are

-to release tension

-help us to become more patient

only that in my mind hope can help

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Q: What are the advantages of playing bowling?
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Which one is correct sentence you are playing bowling or you are bowling?

"You are bowling" is correct. Bowling is generally considered a verb.

What countries is bowling playing in?

The sport of bowling can be found in the majority of countries.

What is the name for a narrow platform for bowling and playing Skittles?

A bowling alley.

If you score a turkey what sport are you playing?


What are the advantages of a Brunswick bowling ball?

The advantages of a Brunswick bowling ball lies inter alia in the Propel coverstock, which improves the mid-lane and backend traction of the ball on today's slicker oils and lane surfaces.

What does off peak mean in bowling?

In bowling, off peak typically refers to the bowling season no longer being active. Peak season is when the bowling season is active and leagues are playing.

If a perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?


What is meant by playing a perfect round in bowling?

Bowling 12 strikes in a row and getting a perfect game of 300.

What is the highest score you can get when playing ten pin bowling?

300 == ==

What organization establishes standard playing rules and equipment specifications for bowling in the US?

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

What are some advantages of playing basketball?

Advantages of playing basketball is playing the sport you love and playing against the best if you plan on going pro. And playing in the atmosphere is unbelievable

Is there any advantages to chewing gum while playing sports?

there is no advantages to chewing gum while playing sport

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