What are the advantages of boxing?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Advantages of boxing: Teaches young men disipline

No boxer in recent times has been forced to box.

Boxers are aware of the dangerous

More deaths in Scuba diving, horse riding than boxing.

The disadvantages of boxing is it causes eye and brain damage and even boxers have lost their lives in a fight.

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what is the good points in boxing?

-Improves your posture

- Makes you stronger

- Gives you a fit body

- fun excersice

- Learn how to fight

- when your fighting you can defend yourself and win

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There's no real need to make a list, because only one needs to be named; raw speed. In the world of Martial Arts, or anything combat sports related, only Wing Chun stylists have faster hands. Part of the reason martial arts aficionados will watch a movie, even if westerners are portrayed negatively, when a Boxer fights a Wing Chuner, is because its an interesting rivalry. Wing Chun has faster hands, but virtually no power; it relies on volume hitting. Boxing everyone knows certainly has power; while a pro boxer may be useless in the ring in terms of knocking people out, on the streets, against dudes who don't know what they're doing, even a Boxer who has no knock out power in the ring will be able to floor average guys, even physically fit ones or pro athletes even.

With Boxing though, the hitting power it has, sacrifices speed, with Wing Chun though, the raw lightning speed its got, sacrifices head movement along with power, consequently like I said, its always an interesting rivalry. Boxing and Wing Chun are very similar, in terms of their mentality (efficiency, simplicity, good conditioning, all that jazz), however in terms of their APPROACH, that is where the rivalry begins. Rather than try to beat Boxing with his Wing Chun, Bruce Lee just combined them. If you wish to fight like Bruce Lee, go to both a Boxing and Wing Chun gym, learn some Tae Kwan Do and rudimentary grappling, and you're set. You are probably wanting a list of Boxing's advantages over traditional martial arts, or rather martial arts from Asia, and even MMA so, here goes;

1) First of all its simple. In the time it takes to execute a submission, a professional champion Boxer will be able to throw around 100 punches. The small list of moves to be learned, means that they can be drilled more often, in the same or less time. By the time a wrestler develops competence with their double leg take down, a hard working boxer will have thrown 5,000 jabs or more.

2) The raw speed, mentioned earlier; everyone says Liston took a dive during his rematch with Ali, when, the truth is, Muhamad Ali's punch was just so lightning fast, the camera didn't see it, the photographer's camera didn't see it, and the audience didn't see it. Certainly Liston didn't see it either, obviously. The scary thing about a prime Ali's speed, is that people saw Liston walk towards Ali, and they didn't even see his hand move, they just saw Liston walk towards him and its like he just fell. However a slow motion camera proved, Ali DID hit him. But even filmed in high speed slow motion, Muhamad Ali's "phantom punch" was merely a blurr. You can see what looks like a smudge hitting Sony Liston, not a punch. Certainly talent, build etc played a role, but, without hard training and with enough time, a young enough and hard working individual can in due time achieve the same thing. A lot of fighters though are just happey with the win and the pay check, and they are not interested in taking Boxing to extreme levels.

3) The combination punching; at close range, an infighter can rapidly dismantle someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

4) The training and conditioning; medicine ball work, constantly getting hit while sparring, all toughen up a boxer. In sparring people pull their punches, in a good boxing gym people should in fact NOT be getting knocked down. However, despite the pulled punches, all those hits add up, and over time they toughen up a boxer physically and mentally to absorb hits in the ring. However to get to a point where, oh, you're a welter, light or middle who can take a direct hit from Manny Paquiao and remain standing, that takes years. The reason many boxers have leathery faces, is because years of getting hit in the face, both while sparring, and in the ring, develops "padding" beneath the skin, the flesh adapts to take hits. Look at all past and present boxing champs carefully when retired; they all have that "swollen face" look.

5) Finally I would say the way it can condition willpower if you train really hard; however said willpower has to be fueled by something that will keep you going. Boxing is not one of those sports, where you can walk into a gym half assed, even if you are only doing it for a month just to see what its like you have to put in everything you've got. Most coaches are understanding if you don't want to do it professionally, and if you are only gonna do "try out" training you have to already be in shape, or at least moderately fit. If you are planning to do it for only a month, even then, it has to be a "good month." If you are planning to take the long road, and have a career, it has to be a "good career," follow me? A good boxing coach will expect you to do everything, and push you to do everything, with everything you've got, top, world class coaches, everything you've got and a little more.

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The pros of boxing are personal fitness, endurance, intensity (from extrenuating exercises), and self-discipline. This independent sport can also earn respect, if used in competition, or self-defence, and in some cases training with another boxer, and not on the street.

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There are no disadvantages. Boxers are fit, quick, accurate and strong. An mma fighter has many flaws biggest flaw . . . Jack of all trades master of none! The only reason why boxing has reduced in popularity is because the younger generation guys are gay and enjoy getting sweaty while dry humping other guy's. Boxing is a warriors sport. It involves hard training that really pays of in a fight or the ring. It will make a come back once these sissies get their asses whipped by a real legend that fights like iron mike, sonny listen or jack Dempsey. No disadvantages. In old age you be the strongest old guy there is if you train and fight like a true warrior.

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The best authority on the subject believe it or not would be Bruce Lee; his "Tao of Jeet Kune Do" believe it or not, is one of the best Boxing manuals ever written when it comes to strategy, if you isolate the strictly Boxing portions. Far as a primer on training though forget it; its all technique and strategy. Lee's "Tao of Jeet Kune Do" is not meant to be read by lay people; you have to have some real expertise in hand to hand combat, or a combat sport to understand in deph what Lee is saying, and truly absorb the book. Now if you want a pros and cons list from me, an "arm chair 'expert'" here goes;


1) Boxing is simple; few techniques mean you can practice them more times. Example of what I'm talking about; Shaolin Kung Fu has about 40 different kinds of hand techniques, blocks and strikes, and 40 kicks (roughly, there could be more). That is a grand total of 80 techniques, to drill every day. In the time it takes to go through every single Shaolin move once, a Boxer can practice their entire arsenal of moves 500 times. In a given MMA training day, as most MMA fighters average 6 hours, in the time it takes MMA fighters to go through their entire stand up, clinch and ground arsenal, a Boxer will easily go through his technique repertoire (if he's fit) 5,000 times, easily. If you are talking technique perfection, if perfection is what you want, you will get there much faster with Boxing if you are serious.

2) Boxing is "organic" in its evasive game; it has, literally, unlimited possibilities.

3) It is an EXTREMELY adaptive method of fighting; you can combine Boxing with any other martial art you practice. It combines better with some than with others, but, Boxing is so adaptive, it wil combine well with just about anything. The number 1 style I would personally recommend you combine Boxing with, is Judo. If you do Boxing and Judo, you'll be quite safe in bar brawls trust me, and safe against all except the most "badass" criminals. It may seem boring, and generic, but Boxing + Judo make a very deadly team. A lot of the evasive work of Boxing, you can apply to Judo's leverage game, easily.

4) If you do it for a whole year it will toughen you up, and you do not even have to set foot in the ring; most coaches won't force you.

5) It is probably the only method of fighting, that emphasizes training in a crucial, but often neglected aspect of hand to hand combat in other martial arts, namely timing. The cliche that Judo and Karate black belts have been knocked out by Boxers is true, and these are not slouch Karateka or Judoka here I am talking 4th and 5th dans. The east Asian martial arts, have handily shut down pretty much all other western martial arts, in that top level Kung Fu experts, have soundly beaten brawlers, wreslters, and in recent times believe it or not even MMA fighters. The world of MMA is generally too arrogant to talk about their refusal to set foot in the Shaolin temple; owing to their higher ethics, and how they do not go around slamming people, the Shaolin temple is under no obligation to take the fight to the MMA arena. However, as the rules of combat sports go "the guy who is mouthing off, the burden to step up is on him." Between Shaolin and MMA, MMA has been mouthing off against traditional styles for years, consequently THEY, take the fight to THEM, not the other way around. What few MMA guys have visited China, very often they handily get shut down; MMA has made inroads in Taiwan but, the skills of Taiwanese martial artists have always been questionable. What I'm trying to say is that while other methods of western fighting have been soundly shut down, Boxing has put up more of a fight. A top ranked Shaolin expert, will easily shut down a Krav Maga expert, a systema expert, spec ops hand to hand, a catch wrestler, and an MMA guy, very easily in fact, however a Boxer, won't go down quite so easy. Well trained Boxers have lightning fast hands, and they hit hard; the Boxers who have stepped into the MMA arena have been at best sub par. The first Boxer to step in there has 18 losses on his reccord (Art Jimmerson). The world of MMA has questionable honor, owing to their tendency to pick "easy Boxers." I'm just saying, lets see a grappler against someone with Ali's hand speed; I can only imagine what sort of damage an MMA gloves Muhamad Ali would do. Enough of my blow hard stuff though, here are the cons.

1) Boxing's simplicity is a double edged sword. Its greatesst weapon is also its greatest weakness; the only way you can use Boxing as a stand alone "martial art," is if you take it to an extreme, to a "too deadly for the ring" level. Crap man though you are looking at 20,000 punches per day for a year though, in addition to extreme calisthenics combined with muscle integration. Turn yourself into a freak of nature though and no comission will let you fight. The human body is capable of tremendous feats, if you gradually build up to an extreme fitness level and then push the body's limits, it is capable of surreal things. Think of circus performers, in particular knife throwers and strong men, all of whom are capable of feats that only makes them fit for life in a circus, not in a "professional arena" of any sort. For the rest of us mortals though, Boxing can become predictable; easily timed, easily anticipated, and tragically with a severely limited set of weapons. What I'm saying is, that if a Karateka or MMA guy who keeps it simple, one of those people who cuts to "bare bones" but varied moves, they can indeed easily dismantle a Boxer, provided their training is also extreme.

2) Boxing has always been corrupt, and, what that means is, trying to earn a pay check from it is risky BUT at the same time no one will respect you. Now any way you slice it, Boxing skill is Boxing skill, technique is technique, nevertheless there are "lets do aerobics!" boxers, and then there is "gritty gym" boxers the "real fighters." Because Boxing has made inroads into fitness, an authentic trainer is very hard to find, and, seriously throwing punches for a work out is ridiculous. You have to drill each individual punch hundreds of times, with a seriousness of purpose; when you do it for aerobics, because all you do is work out, there is no emphasis on form at all. Look at for example Tae Bo; if you have ever been in a martial arts class those are by far the worst, most sloppy kicks ever seen. You do not need clean form for a good work out, and tragically aerobics Boxing falls victim to that pitfall. In this day and age it is extremely difficult to find an authentic trainer, owing to the sport's corruption. Promoters, mafia thugs and corporate suits, have cheated hundreds of fighters out of their earnings, meaning even if fighters wanted to give back by teaching other people how to box they are too dirt poor from being robbed to do it. Basically, finding a good, knowledgeable Boxing coach, is a lot harder than it seems. McDojos are a dime a dozen, but an authentic Boxing coach in an authentic gym is becoming more and more a myth these days.

3) Boxing is all striking; all martial arts, except Boxing, have a grappling game, absolutely all of them. The closest thing to "grappling" Boxing has is clinching, which is something you do not want to do on the streets as you can get stabbed. Going back to the Judo example, it is more practical to trip and then run from a knife holder, than slug it out with him. If backed into a corner, obviously you have to mess him up no matter what which is where Boxing comes in, but in a self defense scenario getting the hell away is always priority number one, not trying to be a hero. This may seem cowardly, but, a coward is a selfish person who runs when others need them, if you are trying to escape from a criminal, because you only have yourself to worry about, its not really cowardice. Even when others are in dire need, a coward will run, and they will run even if they are capable of helping; by that definition a person saving their own life from a crook, is not a coward, it is good sense. Courage, is called for though, when protecting loved ones; in that situation you can't run. Enough about that though; the only real difference between MMA for example, and the now so called "classical martial arts," is that the "classical martial arts" have grappling that is emphasized primarily from what MMA terms the clinch position. Karate's grappling game, is pretty much exclusively from the clinch; its the same with pretty much all styles of Kung Fu. Boxing, however, has zero grappling other than clinching, and that is a huge weakness. Boxing is simple, but its simplicity, does not let you make a mistake.

4) Boxing has no means by which to protect the testicles where, even Karate has I think 5 different blocks to protect against attacks to the nards.

5) At the risk of sounding sexist, Boxing is a decidedly male method of fighting; it was engineered solely for the male body. Now, with proper form, even a 120 lb, 5'6 bare fisted woman, can floor a large man, a properly thrown strike to the temple will floor anybody except a Boxer who fights for a living and is used to getting hit. Nevertheless, owing to the nature of punching, it favors raw power and speed. By sharp contrast martial arts like Shaolin Kung Fu, emphasize leverage and balance, which are gender neutral. Most styles of Kung Fu can be used to devastating effect by men or women, however Boxing, is decidedly male; its techniques, if you observe them carefully were engineered almost exclusively for the male body. Women are not forbidden from doing it, I just wouldn't encourage it; in a self defense situation, women need leverage and balance against a man, because obviously power is asking for trouble.

At the top of my head that is all I can think of; good luck.

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Q: What are the advantages of boxing?
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