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having a healthy body earn money etc....

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Q: What are the advantages of being a professional athlete?
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What are the advantages of being a professional dancer?


What is the best job right now?

I would say being a professional athlete

What are the advantages of a professional athlete?

The life of a professional athlete might seem luxurious, but during season it is hard work. You have to put up with anyone on the team you may dislike and you have to follow all kind of commands from higher ups (coaches, managers, and owners). Or risk getting fired or sued. You must watch out for your actions at all times during the season cause' you can risk losing sponsors which leads to money loss. The advantages of being a professional athlete is doing the thing you love and the pay(is not great for all Pro athletes).

Odds of becoming a professional athlete?

You have a .00565% chance of becoming a professional athlete.

What is the defintion of a professional athlete?

Athlete who does it for a living.

What is an athlete that gets paid?

That athlete is called a professional.

What is the average weight of a professional athlete?

The average weight in a professional athlete all depends on who the athlete is playing for and where they are playing. They have some athlete's who only sit on the bench. This also depends on the weight and height of the athlete.

How much does a professional athlete make a year?

How much a professional athlete makes each year depends on how well he or she does in that sport and how many sponsors and advertisers work with the athlete. A professional athlete has the potential to make millions of dollars per year.

Is Jessica Ennis a professional athlete?

jessica ennis is a profetional athlete

What are the advantages of being a sports agent?

A sports agent provides services to an athlete, performing functions legally authorized, with the agent engaging in business transactions on the athlete's behalf.

What is an professional athlete?

Tim Lincecum

What does usan bolt do?

He is a professional athlete.

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