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The advantages that volleyball offers are that you get exercise, you learn a new sport, you have fun with your friends ect....

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Q: What are the advantage that volleyball offers?
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What is an advantage of volleyball?

Height, Strength, being able to jump are all advantages of volleyball

Advantage of volleyball?

health and fitness

What is better for a 15 year old who is playing bball but is very competetive about volleyball and is seriously committed to a great hard team- Texas Advantage Volleyball Club or club 900vb?

Texas advantage volleyball club is much better then 900 vb

How many points can be scored in a game of volleyball?

25 points with a minimum 2 points advantage.....(gom3z)

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How many total points can be scored in the game of volleyball?

25 points witha total of 2 points advantage

Can a current Division 1 womens Volleyball player coach a high school boys volleyball team during the off season?

well if she offers handjobs and bj's its all good and also a reach around if necessary

Which College Navigator website could be used to find a school that offers an intercollegiate women's volleyball program?

Varsity Athletic Teams

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What type of volleyball equipment will best enhance my performance? offers a wide array of products including training videos that will help enhance your performance.

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What are some volleyball camps near Denver, Colorado? This particular site offers skills to make you a better volleyball player. They offer both overnight and day programs. This is only one option and others can be found as well.

Do you have to be tall for volleyball?

No. Height gives you an advantage in volleyball since, if you are positioned at the net, you will be better able to spike the ball (that is, to hit it so that it moves downwards rather than upwards, making it tremendously harder to intercept). However, shorter people can still play volleyball, much as they can still play basketball. It may be harder to do, but certainly not impossible.

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How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball