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Winners of the U.S. Open for the last ten years

Winner and runner-up from the previous year's U.S. Amateur, but only if they remain amateurs

Winners of each of the other three majors for the last five years (separate categories for each tournament)

Winners of the last three Players Championships

Winner of the current year's BMW PGA Championship

Winner of the last U.S. Senior Open

Top 10 finishers and ties from the previous year's U.S. Open

Players who qualified for the previous year's Tour Championship

The top 60 in the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) as of two weeks before the start of the tournament

The top 60 in the OWGR as of the tournament date

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Q: What are the US Open exemption categories?
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Are you exempt for life at US Open golf tournament?

No, the winner of the US Open gets a 10 year exemption.

How much does it mean to win the masters?

It means a lot to all players. Not only do they win around $1.35 million, a 5 year PGA Tour exemption, 10 year majors exemption, the famous green jacket and lifetime exemption to The Masters. But it is the prestige of the event and being mentioned in the same sentence as some of the legends of the game. Some players from the UK would rather win The Open and consider it the games' greatest championship. And players from the US would rather win the US Open as it is their national championship.

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