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The ten most popular clubs in the world are as follows.

1) Mancheter United.

2 Barcelona.

3 ) Real Mardrid.

4 A.C. Milan.

5) Chelsea.

6) Juventus.

7 ) Arsenal.

8 ) Liveerpool.

9 ) Inter Milan

10 Bayern Munich.

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Real Madrid

Man United


Bayern Munich


Inter Milan

AC Milan



You didn't include Celtic?

The first British team to win the European Cup, and the first team to get into 2 finals.

They also have by far the biggest world wide support plus holding the record attendance for a club match.

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1. Barcelona FC (Spain)

2. Manchester United (England)

3. Juventus (Italy)

4. AC Milan (Italy)

5. Real Madrid (Spain)

6. Inter Milan (Italy)

7. Bayern Munich (Germany)

8. Arsenal (England)

9. River Plate (Argentina)

10. Chelsea (England)

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1) Real Madrid: 401.4m euros

2) Barcelona: 365.9m euros

3) Man Utd: 327m euros

4) Bayern Munich: 289.5m euros

5) Arsenal: 263m euros

6) Chelsea: 242.3m

7) Liverpool: 217m euros

8) Juventus: 202.3m euros

9) Inter Milan 196.5m euros

10) AC Milan: 196.5.m euros

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1. Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Manchester United 4. Bayern München

5. Internazionale

6. Liverpool

7. AC Milan 8. Juventus 9. Galatasaray 10. Fenerbahçe

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Top ten most powerful clubs are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United, A.C.Mi;an Inter Milan, Juventus, Arsenal ,Liverpool and Lyon.

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Q: What are the Top 10 most supported football clubs?
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Yes Chelsea football club is the top ten richest clubs.

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The top six clubs to win the europen cups are Real Madrid, Liverpool, A.c milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

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What are top two football clubs in Italy?

Ac Milan and Inter Milan/ Juventus

Who is Chelsea football clubs top scorer?

i believe it is Nicholas Anelka. Please correct me if i am wrong

Who were the top two richest football clubs in 2007?

It was Real Madrid and Manchester United accrdind to Deolitte.

How much is to by arsenal fc?

quite a lot considering that it is one of the 'top 4' clubs of English football

How many teams were there in top flight English football before the premier league?

In the E.P.L. there are 20 clubs.

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Top 3 football clubs in the world?

1)Manchester United 2)Barcalona 3) AC Milan

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Real Madrid, Manchester United, and LA Galaxy are probably the top 3