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Q: What are the Texas rangers wearing around their necks?
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What might a tourist be wearing around their necks?

A scarf!!

Something a tourist might b wearing around their necks?


What are the players wearing around their necks at the world series?

Phiten necklaces

Name something a tourist might b wearing around their necks?


What would a tourist be wearing around their neck?

What kind of a question is that? Anyway, most tourists would be wearing cameras, possibly handbags, with some of them wearing necklaces, and some other stuff around their necks.

How were the men dressed in The Burghers of Calais?

They were almost naked, in their underclothes, and wearing nooses around their necks and holding the keys to the city and castle.

Tourist might be wearing on their neck?

tourists might wear cameras, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, passes to parks, and identification around their necks.

What is something tourists might wear around their necks?

Tourists often have a camera around their necks.

Why do people have necks?

imagine people without necks..... they will turn their wholebody they look around

How do parrots bend their necks back?

Because they have lot of ball and socket joints to move around their necks.

What do tourists wear around their necks?

There are many things that tourists will wear around their necks. These things often include passports, cameras, and identification tags.

Is it true that all Jews carry a bag of change around their necks?

No, it is an absurd falsity that all Jews carry a bag of change around their necks.

What do women in ffa wear around their necks?


What do Les twins wear around their necks?

Neck Warmers.

How did seventies people wear scarves?

They wore them around their necks.

What are the ropes around the world series players necks?


What yoke means in the bible?

It usually refers analogically to an oxen-yoke. Carts and plows were pulled by oxen--wearing this wooden-structure around their necks. It is thought by some that Jesus built such "yokes" as a living.

Why are red necks called red necks?

When coal miners in West Virginia began to unionize, they would wear red bandanas around their necks in order to know who was pro-union and non-union.

Why do Vicars wear a cross around their necks?

Vicars wear a cross around their necks as a symbol of their faith in Christ. Some crosses are very ornate, while others are very plain.

What animal is 1.7m tall with a red hair around there necks?


What do tourist wear around their necks?

Lames dogs cats fur

Who wears v-neck t shirts?

Honestly anyone! Women wear V-Necks to drag attention to their cleavage and men wear usually black or white V-Necks because it is more stylish from just wearing a plain Oval-Neck t-shirts. Overall, V-Necks are awesome!

Do flies have necks?

No, Flies do not have necks.

What are Steve Jobs weakness?

wearing black turtle necks,not being able to fulfill his job at Apple and last but not least...losing APPLE

Why does Texas hate California?

I've lived in Texas all my life and love California. Only small minded red necks hate CA and who cares what they think?