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" By the second century�C.E., Taoism became organized. A certain Chang Ling, or Chang Tao-ling, established a Taoist secret society in western China and practiced magical cures and alchemy. Because each member was levied a fee of five pecks of rice, his movement came to be known as the Five-Pecks-of-Rice Taoism (wu-tou-mi tao). Claiming that he received a personal revelation from Lao-tzu, Chang became the first �celestial master.� Finally, it was said that he succeeded in making the elixir of life and ascended alive to heaven, riding a tiger, from Mount Lung-hu (Dragon-Tiger Mountain) in Kiangsi Province. With Chang Tao-ling there started a centuries-long succession of Taoist �celestial masters,� each said to be a reincarnation of Chang." I hope this helps This is mysticism which is in all ancient philosophies - around this time blacksmithing was considered a kind of sorcery, everything was magical. These things are not believed by modern taoists, and taoism is a naturalistic worldview which does not reject gods, but does not consider them the ultimate cause (if they exist). From the tao: "The Tao (the "all-that is" or the way) is like an empty container: it can never be emptied and can never be filled. Infinitely deep, it is the source of all things. It dulls the sharp, unties the knotted, shades the lighted, and unites all of creation with dust. It is hidden but always present. I don't know who gave birth to it . It is older than the concept of God." Alternately translated as "it is older than the gods". The Tao is a great read, I highly recommend it. You can read it in an hour or so. Here is my fav translation:

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Q: What are the Taoists beliefs in supernatural powers and deities?
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