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Q: What are the Stanley and the magic lamp questions and answers?
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What has the author Jeff Brown written?

Jeff Brown has written: 'The Sherlock Holmes Book of Magic' 'Flat Stanley (picture book edition) (Flat Stanley)' 'Amazing Colorado' 'Gold rush maze & puzzle book' 'Stanley in Space (Flat Stanley)' 'Flat Stanley' -- subject(s): Humorous stories 'Form & Freedom' 'Stanley's Christmas Adventure (Flat Stanley)' 'A lamp for the Lambchops' -- subject(s): Magic, Fiction, Juvenile fiction, Wishes 'Stanley, flat again!' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Stanley Lambchop (Fictitious character), Juvenile fiction, Humorous stories, Sailing, Fiction 'Stanley's Christmas adventure' -- subject(s): Santa Claus, Fiction, Juvenile fiction, Christmas 'Flat Stanley Audio Collection' 'Stanley and the magic lamp' -- subject(s): Wishes, Magic, Fiction 'Stanley El Plano/Flat Stanley' 'Invisible Stanley (Stanley Lambehop Adventures Offers)' 'Flat Stanley (Trophy Chapter Books)' 'The Flat Stanley Collection Box Set (Flat Stanley)' 'Stanley, Flat Again! (Flat Stanley)' 'Witching Water' 'We Like Kids'

Where can you find a magic genie?

a magic lamp

How do you open up a magic lamp in Aladdin?

You rub the lamp.

What are the release dates for The Magic Lamp - 1924?

The Magic Lamp - 1924 was released on: USA: 15 September 1924

What actors and actresses appeared in The Magic Lamp - 1924?

The cast of The Magic Lamp - 1924 includes: Walter Lantz

Is Aladdin and the magic lamp story real?


What are Characters in Magic Lamp?

daniel and his father

What are the ratings and certificates for Kipper - 1997 The Magic Lamp 2-11?

Kipper - 1997 The Magic Lamp 2-11 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Do you want Aladdin's magic lamp to grant your wishes?


Who lives in alddins lamp?

The Genie. If you rub the magic lamp a genie supposedly will come out and grant you three wishes.

You found a magic lamp what should you do with it?

Rub the lamp and use it on a skill close to leveling or on a skill that you have a goal level for.

What are the release dates for Magic Mansion - 1965 The Lamp of Aladdin 2-16?

Magic Mansion - 1965 The Lamp of Aladdin 2-16 was released on: USA: 18 March 1967