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the only weekness of sandiego is during a game the will power faids.if there notwining there going to get stupid penitlys but on the good side that weekness can be turned around almost imeadatly if just one good play is made they have the tendincy of owning a game due to this amout of confidence and high level of modivation...... and im hopeing for a greact year this year who ever wrote this learn how to spell and space (retard) but San Diego Chargers are a great team with a good quarterback but we need to kinda new head coach cause Norv Turner is barley making it 1-3 in 2007 and 4-8 in 2008 but both years we still made it to the the playoffs and we play great teams unfortenatly. i mean the 18-0 Patriots in 07 and the 12-4 with the BEST defense in 08.

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Q: What are the San Diego Chargers weaknesses?
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