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Well the Chargers just acquired AJ Feely from the Miami Dolphins. This gives the Chargers an experienced third string QB, or the backup if they decide to trade Rivers at the end of the year. Although Rivers came to the Chargers with a big contract, the Chargers, should they keep him, will only pay him $650K next year, so they will remain way below the salary cap. So one choice is to keep him. However Drew Brees has played extremely well in the past two seasons and I don't think the Chargers will let him go. So I think Rivers will be on the auction block at the end of the year going to the highest bidder. The longer they wait to trade him, the less valuable he is.

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Q: What are the San Diego Chargers options regarding Philip Rivers?
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What is Philip Rivers's number on the San Diego Chargers?

Philip Rivers is number 17 on the San Diego Chargers.

What team does Philip Rivers play for?

Philip Rivers play for the San Diego Chargers. He is number seventeen on the football team and is the quarter back for the team. Rivers is a member of the Sand Diego Chargers since 2005.

When is Philip rivers a free agent?

When the Chargers do not want to resign him.

How many passing yards did Philip rivers have in 2008?

Philip Rivers had 4009 passing yards with the San Diego Chargers in 2008

Who are players in the San Diego Chargers?

Ladainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers,

What pro bowl football player's wife had baby?

Chargers qb Philip rivers

What player in 2004 was traded to the San Diego Chargers for Eli Manning?

Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers winning percent?

Through Week 16 of the 2008 season, Philip Rivers has started 47 games for the Chargers and their record in those 47 games is 32-15 for a winning percentage of .681.

Eli Manning was picked by what NFL team?

The San Diego Chargers. But he was traded to the New York Giants that same day for quarterback Philip Rivers.

Who is the chargers quarterback?

For the 2008 season, that is Phillip Rivers.

Has philip rivers and Drew Brees ever played on the same nfl Team?

They were teammates on the San Diego Chargers in 2004 and 2005.

How much did Philip rivers make in 2007?

Philip Rivers signed a 6 year, $40.5 million contract with the Chargers prior to the 2004 season. Average that out over 6 seasons and it comes up to $6.75 million per season.