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the rule of nrl are:

  1. no tackles above the shoulders
  2. if you drop the ball forward it is a knock on
  3. you can not put an opposing player in a dangerous position
  4. if you do notgo back 10 metres after the tackle you are offside
  5. if you are in front of the kicker you are offside

these are just the basic rule but there many more

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Same like any other country who plays Rugby league-

- Knock On - dropping the ball forward

- offside - if your not behind the ref, or not in the defence line

- High tackle - grabbing or tackling someone from the neck and above which result as a plenty

- Field goal needs to be a drop kick not a bomb


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Knock On's (where you drop the ball in front of you),

Offside (where your not behind the line or in front of a kicker)

High tackle (tackling someone above their chest)

Playing the ball after you get up from the floor

Forward pass (when you pass, the player pass me behind you)

Field goal (dropkick and the ball needs to be in between the two white sticks)

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Q: What are the Rules of rugby league in Australia?
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