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Black and gold.

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Q: What are the Pittsburgh Penguins official team colors?
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Do the Pittsburgh Penguins play hockey?

The Pittsburgh Penguins is a hockey team

What nhl team have the most winning steak?

Pittsburgh Penguins, 17 games.

Which team won the Stanley in 2009?

The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in 2009

Who scored the first goal for the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team?

The first goal was scored by Andy Bathgate.

Which team lost in the Ice Bowl?

The Buffalo Sabres lost 2-1 in a shootout to the Pittsburgh Penguins

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What are the team colors for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Steelers official team colors are black, gold and white.

Do the Pittsburgh Penguins play hockey?

The Pittsburgh Penguins is a hockey team

What hockey team is in Pittsburgh?

the Pittsburgh penguins

What team colors are shared by the Pittsburgh Pirates Penguins and Steelers?

For all three of Pittsburgh's teams, Black and Gold are the base colors. The Steelers also have accents of white, gray, blue, and red. The Pirates have use gray for allternate color uniforms and the Penguins use a white and blue throwback jersey from time to time.

When did the Pittsburgh penguins change their team colors?

In 1980 after both the Steelers and Pirates won championships the previous year

Do polar bears eat the Pittsburgh Penguins?

No, the Pittsburgh Penguins are a pro hockey team. And, penguins do not live at the Arctic.

Is Anderson Jewelry Pittsburgh Penguins Women's All-Star Watch and official team watch?

The Anderson Pittsburgh Penguins watch is indeed an officially licensed watch, and makes a perfect gift for a sports fan.

Who has the better NHL team Pittsburgh or Detroit?

Pittsburgh Penguins

Why are Pittsburgh Penguins wearing blue and light blue colors for the Winter Classic?

Its because when the Penguins made their NHL debut at home on Oct. 11, 1967, the team wore the colors dark blue, light blue and white.

What is the Pittsburgh penguins minor league team?

Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins

What has the author Rick Buker written?

Rick Buker has written: 'Total Penguins' -- subject(s): Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey team), History 'Total Penguins' -- subject(s): Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey team), History

What are the official colors of the Kansas City Royals?

The official colors of the Pittsburgh Pirates are black, gold and white.