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It you are talking pressure as in stress -- yes . Like all occupations a play is expected to perform for the 80 minutes they are on the pitch. When doing well players react well because their mood is high. When games are being lost pressure is brought on by the potential of being dropped, take out of the squad, replaced or in some instances transferred or plain sacked.

When that pressure is on the player can lose focus on the job in hand and try to "go it alone". This means that team mates see mistakes, passes not ,ade, essential kicks being missed as the concentration move from the game to the "what if I dont get this done,".

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When there are wet conditions the running game is effected because the pitch becomes heavy and slippery - This is normally called a forwards game as the ball is not passed across the backs as often. rucks and mauls become more frequently and the eight rumble forward. There are more handing errors when there are wet conditions and this beings more play break downs

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Rugby can be a rough contact sport, which means there can be negative physical effects of rugby on the body. Some examples are broken bones and twisted ankles.

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Incorrect binding especially in the front row, collapsed scrums - biggest area causing pain and injury. Carrying a back injury and damage prior to of during the game,

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Q: What are the Physical effects of rugby on the body?
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