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PMS 1265

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Q: What are the PMS gold color for New Orleans Saints?
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What shade of gold is used by the New Orleans Saints?

The shade of gold used by the New Orleans Saints is known as 'Old Gold'.

What color are New Orleans Saints pants?

Black and Goldis their uniform, their pants are black or gold depending on what they want

What are New Orleans Saints official colors?

Black and gold.

What are the team colors of the New Orleans Saints?

Black, White, and Gold

Colors New Orleans Saints wear for Super Bowl?

gold and white?

Which color is not a New Orleans Mardi Gras color?

The traditional colors of Mardi Gras in New Orleans are Gold, Purple and Green

What were the New Orleans Saints former name?

It has always been the "New Orleans Saints".

Where are the New Orleans Saints from?

New Orleans, La.

In what city and state do the New Orleans Saints play in?

The New Orleans Saints play in the city of New Orleans which is in the state of Louisiana.

What football team plays in black and gold?

The New Orleans Saints, as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who is the NFC champion?

The New Orleans Saints are the 2010 NFC Champions.

When did the saints start playing in new Orleans?

The Saints organization began in New Orleans in 1967.