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Its a one horse race means that it is as easy as winning a race against your own self (horse).

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Q: What are the Origins of the saying it's a one horse race?
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One who rides horse in a race?

Jockey is defined as a person who rides a horse in a race.

In horse racing what is meant by one length?

The length of a race horse.

Who one the horse race today?


How many horse run in a race?

More than one.

How long is a typical horse race?

A horse race usually lasts a minute and 30 seconds....that's how long the one i saw was. More or less, really.

Which famous horse race is run at Louisville?

The Kentucky Derby, for one.

Where can one participate in horse racing handicapping?

There are many places where one can participate in horse racing handicapping. One can participate in horse racing handicapping at places such as British Horseracing and Horse Race Game.

Last person to win a triple crown in horse racing?

No one....It 's a horse race. Only a horse has won the race! And the last horse to win the Triple Crown was Affirmed in 1978. The jockey on Affirmed was Steve Cauthen.

Who was the horse who ran againist secretariat at the triple crown race?

Sham, a horse who had already beat Secretariat one.

What is a claim on a horse after the race?

A claim on a racehorse is where one trainer/owner claims (Or buys another trainer/owners horse) before the race by submitting a claims form. After the race if the horse has only one claim against it then that person gets the horse. If there were multiple claims for the same horse then the stewards will make the trainers flip a coin or another method similar to that to see who wins the horse. If there were no claimers then the horse stays with it's current trainer/owner.

What is the length of the Kentucky horse race?

By 'Kentucky Horse Race' I'll assume you mean Kentucky Derby as there are hundreds of races in Kentucky. The Derby is a mile and one fourth in length.

What is the remedial change of a slow horse race?

its one type of logiacl quesion

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