What are the Olympic trophies?

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There are no trophies in the Olympics just medals.

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Q: What are the Olympic trophies?
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What did the winners receive at the 1900 Paris Olympic games?

Cups or trophies.

What did they give as prizes at the first ever Olympic Games?

they give medals gold,silver,bronze and trophies

Are there any images or information about the actual trophies presented at the summer Olympic games in Athens?

Click on the 'Olympic Medals' link below to see pictures of the medals awards at the 2004 Games in Athens.

What is the history of trophies?

According to Wikipedia: In ancient Greece, the winners of the Olympic games initially received no trophies except laurel wreaths. Later the winner also received an amphora with sacred olive oil. In local games, the winners received different trophies, such as a tripod vase, a bronze shield or a silver cup. In ancient Rome, money usually was given to winners instead of trophies.

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Sonic the hedgehog for the xbox 360, super smash bros brawl as trophies, Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games.

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48 trophies

How many trophies have Liverpool won?

67 trophies

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"trophy" is the singular from of "trophies"

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