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would get heavaly fined,to pay for the bulding of a stauta of zues.

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Q: What are the Olympic penalties for cheating?
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What were the penalties for cheating?


Are there any penalties for cheating in the Sims three?

No. But you may have to go to the toliet afterwards?

What is the penalty for cheating in modern olympic games?


What was the penalty for cheating in the Olympic games in Greece?


What are is penalty's for cheating Olympic games?

Jail for steroids if that's what you were talking about.

What are the rules of the olympic games?

NO KICKING*NO cheating *no hitting *no swering *follow instructions

How were the olympic games interrupted?

The Olympic games were interruppted in 2 ways. One was because some of the athletes were cheating. And two was because of some wars.

Which of these people does not assign penalties during the Olympic Games A captain B referee C official D captain?


Who were the ancient greek olympic judges?

the ancient Greek o;Olympic judges were Greeks from Elis, because they were trust worthy and anyone would be shocked if an Elean was caught cheating.

What are the penalties in volleyball?

there are no penalties. there are no penalties.

What does olympic games related ditloid 32 t v of w and m in s mean?

stop cheating

What was the penalties for cheating in the ancient Olympics?

Well, Olympics was a big thing back then- it was THE thing to do, so penalties often involved temporary bans from mobile phones, etc. The biggest penalty by far though, was being stoned to deth by characters from the flintstones. Love, Matt.

How did the 1996 Olympic Games affect Georgia?

lol u r cheating and i have cought you! please use ur book idiota.

How many penalties are there in this game?

In Soccer are penalties and NFL

What was the punishment if you cheated in the olympic games?

You would die in a pit of fire and you would be fed to lions. They thought cheating was a crime against Zeus.

What are the penalties for drink driving?

What are the penalties for drink driving?

What are the penalties in netball?

The penalties in netball are contact and obstruction, intimidation also comes under the category of these two penalties.

How do you get quick money in RuneScape?

There are a few ways to get easy money in the MMORPG RuneScape. - Woodcut Magic Logs - Mine Runite Ore - Craft x2 Cosmic Runes - Slay Creatures Remember, cheating on RuneScape is not the way to go, because Jagex moniters the cheating of the game, because there are NO TRUE RUNESCAPE cheats. Using a macro, or cheating service is illegal on Runescape, and you can suffer penalties, and possibly a ban.

How many penalties had Cristiano Ronaldo missed?

1,000,000 penalties

Who takes penalties for Uruguay?

Ghana take penalties for Uruguay..!

How many penalties has Frank Lampard scored for Chelsea?

46 penalties for chelsea so out of 171 goals 125 are not penalties

Why are there rules in rugby?

Just like any sport, rules are necessary to ensure that the game is played fairly, to establish how points are won/lost, and to keep players safe with penalties or illegal actions against cheating.

What are no show penalties?

No show penalties are penalties that you are charged when you do not show up. This is generally used by airlines when you fail to show up for a flight.

How do you get a legit mystic ticket?

by cheating by cheating by cheating

Why did the Cardinals lose the Super Bowl?

PenaltiesBecause they had to many penalties.