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Olympic Gymnastic EventsThe woman's events in the Olympics are vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and the floor.

The men's event are high bar, parallel bars, rings, vault, pommel horse, and floor.
The floor

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Q: What are the Olympic events in gymnastics?
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What are the events in the men's and women's Olympic events in gymnastics?

There are 4 events Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor

What are the women's Olympic events in gymnastics?

beam, volt, bars and floor

Gymnastics is considered one of the most popular Olympic events?


What are the two types of olympic events in gymnastics?

rhythmic and artistic gymnastic

What is the difference between Olympic gymnastics and nrhythmic gymnastics?

You can do rythmic gymnastics in the olympics, it is just another form of gymnastics, olympic gymnastics can be any form of gymnastics performed at the olympic games.

Which two events are contested solely by women in the olympic?

Rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

A summer olympic event?

There are several events that are played in the summer Olympics. A few of the events are fencing, cricket, archery, and gymnastics.

How many Olympic games has Aly Raisman competed in?

2012 was her first year on the olympic gymnastics team in which she competed in 4 events

Is gymnastics an Olympic sport?

Yes, gymnastics is a Summer Olympic sport.

Is Rhythmic gymnastics an Olympic sport?

Rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic sport.

How many medals up for grabs for gymnastics in london olympic 2012?

Gymnastics has 3 disciplines with 18 events and 54 Medals. They are Artistic gymnastics (14) , Rhythmic gymnastics (2), & Trampoline (2)

What two summer Olympic events do men not compete in?

Synchronized swimming and parallel uneven bars in gymnastics

Name two olympic events that require an athlete to vault?

pole vault and the vault horse in gymnastics

How many gold medals are awarded in olympic gymnastics?

14 medals are awarded in olympic gymnastics

What is the sport of olympic trampoline?

I am not entirely sure what you mean but the trampoline is part of the gymnastics events that some teams compete in.

When did gymnastics start?

Gymnastics began long before the 1896 Olympic Games, Gymnastics was actually one of the original Olympic sports that was contested at the ancient Olympic Games in 776 B.C. The ancient Greeks have been doing gymnastics for centuries.

Why did Gymnastics get introduced to the Olympic Games?

Gymnastics is a fun sport

What is the most popular summer olympic sport?

gymnastics gymnastics

What are Romania common sporting events?

Gymnastics (maxm International and Olympic awards(, Football. Handball, Rowing, Swimming etc.

Is the manner in which the Olympic gymnastics team chosen fair?

of course the olympic gymnastics people choose its teams fairly!

How long has gymnastics been a sport?

Gymnastics was one of the events in Ancient olympic games, but long before that in Crete, during Minoan period gymnastics (bull jumping) was one on the most popular sports.

How many olympic gymnastic sports are there?

Four: men's artistic gymnastics, women's artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline gymnastics.

What is more famous collage football or Olympic gymnastics?

olympic gymnatics

When was gymnastics considered an Olympic event?

Gymnastics was considered a sport in the olympics in 1954.

When did the olympic gymnastics start?