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White, Yellow, Yellow-Black, Green, Green-Black, Blue, Blue-Black, Red, Red-Black, Brown, Brown-black, and Black.

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Q: What are the Ninjitsu belt ranks?
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What is the highest black belt degree?

10th Dan (10th degree) Black Belt. There is at least one style of Ninjitsu that has 15 levels.

What is Brown Belt in Karate?

Brown belt is one of the kyu ranks. It is usually one of the highest ranks you achieve prior to becoming a black belt. First or Second kyu is the rank that usually wears a brown belt.

What is a rank for karate?

For those under the rank of black belt, the ranks are called kyu. For the ranks above black belt they are dan or degrees. The number of kyu goes down as one gets closer to black belt.

Who created ninjitsu?

Ninjitsu goes back when Prince Shotoku when he used to teach his ninjas how to spy and kill. Ninjitsu requires martial art, strategy and tactics. Ninjitsu was created by a collection of fundametal survivalist techniques in the warring state.

What did zhang Qian discover?


Does Naruto do Kung Fu?

Naruto does Ninjitsu.

What form of martial arts is the best?


Japanese term for the way of the ninja?

ninjitsu, or ninja do

Where did ninjitsu style will teach in Pune city?

in the jungle ... )))

What are the order of martial arts belts from lowest to highest?

Different styles have different belt ranks and color ladders. Additional research will be needed for the style you are interested in learning the belt ranks. Traditionally look for this order: White, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Once you achieve Black belt it begins to go into degrees.

What is the difference between jujitsu and ninjitsu?

Jujitsu is a martial art that focuses on grappling. It is the basis for the creation of Judo. Ninjitsu is a martial art that focuses on stealth and concealment.

How does one become a red belt in karate?

That depends on the style of karate. In some red belt is a step on it way to black belt. In traditional Okinawan styles it represents the highest ranks of 9th and 10th Dan.

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