What are the NJ Nets?

Updated: 11/19/2022
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NBA Basketball team

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Q: What are the NJ Nets?
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Who owes the NJ nets?

Micheal Prophovak

How many games did the NJ Nets win last season?

The NJ NETS won 12 games in the 2009-10 season and had a final record of 12-70

Did the Lakers win at home for 2002 finals or in NJ?

The Lakers swept the NJ Nets, winning the last game in NJ

How many wins does the NJ nets have?

The New Jersey Nets have 6 wins and 53 losses. (6-53)

What NBA teams are rivals of the NJ Nets?

the new york knicks

What NJ Nets players have worn number 0?

Jeff McInnis Orlando Woolridge

Does usher have shares in the NJ Nets?

No, Usher does not have any shares in the New Jersey Nets. However, Jay-Z does have a share of the team, and Usher has a share in the Cavaliers.

Where do you find nets?

If Barclays Center isn't finished, the Nets will play at Morse Center at Asphalt Green (which is also called Murphy Center).

Have the Nets ever swept the Lakers?

The Lakers played the New Jersey Nets in the NBA finals in 2001. The Lakers beat NJ 4-0 games in that series. They won their third consecutive NBA championship.

Where can one find information on the NJ Nets?

The official website of the New Jersey Nets is the best resource for such information. Alternatively, Wikipedia is a good source for team history, and ESPN is a good source for the latest news and updates.

Where do the New Jersey Nets practice?

The Meadowlands Sports Complex, home of the NBA's New Jersey Nets, is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

You got vouchers for a NJ Nets game. What do you do with it?

You take it to the box office at the Izod Center during operating hours to redeem game tickets.