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1.) not to fight in volley ball

2.) not to fight over the ball

3.) not to run away with the ball

4.) never to curse at the volley ball teacher

5.) do what the volley ball teach say

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โˆ™ 2011-10-04 21:12:10
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Q: What are the NGB rules for volleyball?
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What is the NGB for trekking?

it means national govering bodies (NGB)

What are six rules when serving the ball in volleyball?

there are no rules

What is the Difference of amateur volleyball to professional volleyball?

well in amateur volleyball they bend the rules a bit

What is the meaning of foul in volleyball?

Well... a foul in volleyball is the violation of the rules

New volleyball rules?

As far as I know there are no new rules

How many rules in the volleyball?

There are hundreds of rules in volleyball. Even people who have played for many years don't know them all!!!

What is violation of volleyball rules called?

This is easy, anyone should know this answer. Any violation of the rules in volleyball is called a fault.

What are the new rules and regulations in volleyball?

There are several new rules and additions to the sport. For a more detailed version, visit the FIVB website for the rules of Volleyball in the "Related Links" section (Federation Internationale De Volleyball)

Rules and violation of volley ball?

well there are alot of rules to volleyball...

What are the Volleyball rules for senior citizens?

Well, they are the same, but you should adjust the rules to make it easier for people whose bodies cant take the real rules of volleyball.

How do you make a phrase that put together the history of volleyball indoors outdoors volleyball and the rules of volleyball?

think, look up the rules for both indoor and outdoor volleyball and make a phrase that's like catchy or something (:

What are the rules of Olympic Indoor volleyball?


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