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huh idont no dont ask me im just a freakin a-hole

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Q: What are the NCAA rules for scholarship athletes changing sports?
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Have any sports originated in Austria?

yes/no. if you consider changing the rules to a game, a game originating in austria - yes. if not - no.

Expectations for Students who Receive Athletic Scholarships?

Athletic scholarships offer students the opportunity to attend college free of charge if they agree to play in the sport that has offered the scholarship. There are more expectations of these students than that they just play sports, however. Athletic scholarships bring a great deal of responsibility. Compete to the Best of Your Ability Of course, the main expectation of students who attend college on athletic scholarships is that they will continue to play their chosen sport as well as they did while they were in high school. Scholarship recipients must attend all practices, team meetings, and games that they are required to be involved in. If a student does not follow the team rules, that student could lose his or her scholarship at any time. As long as the coaches and administrators feel that the student is performing as well as he or she can, the scholarship will remain intact. Maintain a Good Grade Average College athletes are notorious for ignoring their school work and focusing solely on their sports. In the last few decades, colleges have begun to encourage athletes to do better in their classes. Sports programs post the grade point averages of all of their athletes as a source of pride in their academic accomplishments and as an incentive for the athletes to continue performing well outside of the sporting events. Many programs provide free tutoring for athletes to help them maintain excellence in academics while they work toward excellence in athletics. A student athlete will not help the sports program if he or she fails out of school. Behave as Ambassadors for the School Most students who receive athletic scholarships have an opportunity to be a little more recognized by the other students on campus. Athletes are given celebrity treatment depending on the sport they play and their level of talent. College sports programs have strict behavior guidelines for high profile student athletes. These athletes are responsible for maintaining the reputation of the school and the athletic department, so it is important that they always behave appropriately when they are in public. In these days of cell phone videos and free online video sites, it is more important than ever that college athletes maintain their composure.

How old must you be to in the 2008 Olympics?

Each sports federation has it's own rules, in addition some countries only permit athletes of a certain age or gender to participate.

Why does cricket have rules?

Why does cricket have rules? All sports have rules. That's the nature of sports. They have rules, or they can't work.

How many years do you have to participate in Bible Drills to get the scholarship?

It depends on the rules of each school, church or organization issuing the scholarship.

Are athletes allowed to use music while competing?

It depends on the sport. In snowboarding, for example, athletes almost always listen to their mp3 player. Obviously some sports such as figure skating music is part of the sport. I'm not sure about other sports, but the rules probably wouldn't be any different than they are for any other event for any sport.

Why were steroids banned from baseball?

I believe steroids have been banned from all sports. Steriods are not only dangerous, but they also give a person taking them an unfair advantage over the players who play by the rules and don't take them. Steriods give a person more muscle mass, greater stamina and strength, which is why athletes take them. But they are illegal for athletes, and if caught taking them, can result in the loss of a career in sports.

What is the protagonist and antagonist for the scholarship jacket?

The protagonist in "The Scholarship Jacket" is Martha, a hardworking and deserving student who has won the scholarship every year. The antagonist is the school board, specifically the superintendent, who changes the rules to prevent Martha from receiving the scholarship.

How many community service hours do you need for a bright futures scholarship?

100 hours for the top level Bright Futures Scholarship under the new rules

Do all sports have rules in the Olympics?

Of course; they wouldn't be sports otherwise.

Do all sports have rules?


Is it permissible under NCAA rules to promise an entering freshman a four-year athletics scholarship?