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Q: What are the Formation rules for punt return team?
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What is it called when your team receives a punt and runs the ball?

It is called a punt return.

Why cant teams punt the football after a touchdown?

The rules set it up specifically saying that the team must kickoff from the tee. Now if there was a safety against that team, then they must punt the ball to the opposing team.

Who fumbled their first punt return as an Eagle resulting in a TD for the opposing team?

Greg Lewis

Why can't pass interference be called on a fake punt?

Pass interference CAN be called on a fake punt, however the outside players in the "gunner" position cannot be interfered with. On any given punt play, those players are blocked by up to two players on the punt return team, and as such, any punt play in which the punter tossed it up to one of his gunners would result in an interference call. These players can draw penalties for holding against the punt return team, and interference is NOT allowed against other members of the punt unit.

When is a punt allowed in football?

The offense can punt the ball at any time (on any down not just 4th) from behind the line of scrimmage. Once they punt the ball the other team must touch it before they can touch it again. If the punting team touches the punt first it is downed at that very spot and given to the other team. If a punt goes out of bounds it is given to the other team where it went out and if it goes untouched into the endzone it is put on the 20yd line and the other team takes over. Anyone not just a player listed as a punter can punt the ball. In high school football it is common to line up in a shot-gun formation on 4th down and then have the quarter back quick punt the ball. This sometimes tricks the defense into thinking the offense is attempting to get a 1st down and they may not have someone back to run back the punt. It can also be used just in case the defense does line up in a normal punt return formation and then the quarter back makes a quick choice after taking the snap as to whether he will go for the first down or kick the ball away.

Why can't pass interference be called on a punt fake?

No because a punt is not a pass. There can, however, be fair catch interference. Whether the receiving player calls for a fair catch or not, the kicking team has to give the receiver an opportunity to field the ball.

When will the referee rule a re punt?

The referee in football doesn't rule the re-kick rather the team that reaps the benefit of a penalty and chooses to re-kick. For instance; if a punt only goes 20 yards on a 4th and 12 punt and the defense was offsides; the referee just calls the penalty; the kicking team selects to enforce the penalty or re-kick. My answer - a referee seldom rules a punt to be rekicked. The kicking team will have that luxury ONLY if a penalty flag was thrown and in their favour.

In a football game can you recover an onside punt stemming from a safety?

Technically speaking, there's no such thing as an "on-sides punt" in the NFL (or any other league that I am aware of).A punt that moves forward is simply a punt, and if it is touched by a member of the receiving team, it may then be stripped or recovered by a member of the punting team.If it is not touched by a member of the receiving team, it will be marked dead where a member of the punting team first touches it, or whistled dead when it ceases reasonable movement.A punt that goes backwards is considered a live ball and a "muff" or a fumble, which would follow normal rules.

What is a muff in football?

A 'muff' is generally used with punting and occurs when the player that is catching the punt drops it or 'muffs it' without ever having possession of the ball. There is a distinct difference in the NFL rules between a muff and a fumble. If a punt receiver fumbles a punt, that means he had possession of the ball and then fumbled. The punting team can recover a fumble and advance it as many yards as they can get. If a punt receiver muffs a punt, that means the receiver did not have possession of the ball. The punting team may recover a muff but may not advance the ball. The punting team would gain possession of the ball at the spot of the recovery.

Why do players do a punt?

A team will punt the football when they can not get a 1st down after 3rd downs. This is only done when the team is not in range to kick a field goal. The main reason for a punt is to make the other team start there drive farther back.

When would a football team decide to punt?

If the team is down to their 4th down and have yet to make the 10 yards to get to 1st down again, a team would either set up for a field goal if they are in range, or simply punt the ball instead of attempting a 4th and long.

Can a blocked punt be punted again?

Only if there was a penalty against the team that blocked the punt, such as offsides.