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Q: What are the Food prices at great American ballpark?
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What is a traditonal food to eat at the ballpark?

I think that the traditional food to eat at the ballpark is the hotdog hotdogs and beer

What makes a restaurant successful?

Great food and low prices.

Why does food cost so much more at a ballpark than a store?

because a ballpark food cost more than a store because they can make money

Where can I purchase food for diabetics online?

One of the best sites when shopping for food for diabetics online is They have great choices and prices.

Where can one find food at a great price?

Fresh vegetables, fruit and meat can be found for great prices at local farmers markets. However, supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons also sell food at excellent prices.

Food prices at old trafford cricket ground?

Food prices at the Old Trafford cricket ground are reasonable. For a pie and a pint of beer it will only cost 5.5 pounds or $8. There are also plenty of vendors outside the stadium with great food and prices.

Are there any American food shops in London?

yes, THE AMERICAN FOOD STORE has it all and at sensible prices at 2 LADBROKE GROVE, HOLLAND PARK,LONDON W11 3BG

What were food prices in 1929?

What was food prices in 1929

Did food prices go up during the great depression?

Yes, because the government needed more money so they raised the prices of every thing.

How prices of food they have?

Good prices.

The prices of homes, clothing, and food today as compared with those during the Great Depression are ________.?

much more expensive

The prices of homes clothing and food today as compared with those during the great depression are?

much more expensive