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go top school

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Q: What are the Education background for a sports commentator?
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What is a sports background?

A sports background is a background about someones sports career.

When was Peter Wong - sports commentator - born?

Peter Wong - sports commentator - was born on 1944-02-26.

What is a political or sports commentator?

Someone who commentates sports and politics!

What actors and actresses appeared in Gillette Summer Sports Reel - 1950?

The cast of Gillette Summer Sports Reel - 1950 includes: Kenneth Banghart as Commentator (1953) Fred Caposella as Commentator (1954-1955) Don Dunphy as Commentator (1950) Radcliff Hall as Commentator (1955) Jim Leaming as Commentator (1954) Clem McCarthy as Commentator (1953) Lindsey Nelson as Commentator (1955) Jimmy Powers as Commentator (1951) Byrum Saam as Commentator (1954)

How long does it take to be a sports commentator?


What do thy call a sports broadcaster?


Who is the Irish commentator on the golf in the US?

David Feherty is an Irishman, golfer, & CBS sports commentator.

Is david Coleman sports commentator still alive?


Which veteran sports commentator retired in 2001?

Murry Walker

What is an activity that represents a sports commentator?

Jamie Rednapp LOL

What is the better job sports analyst or sports commentator?

I'll say the commentator, since an analyst (color commentator) would probably need a better backing of trivia and info, whereas the commentator's focus would be reporting play-by-play. They both earn about the same, so I would pick play-by-play, it's easier.

What is the duty of the commentator?

The duty of the commentator is to explain to the audience what is happening. A common place to find a commentator is at a sports event, where they would be expected to explain what is happening in the game and provide facts about the players.

Who is the first sports commentator to win an Emmy Award?

Jim McKay.

What did Wilma Rudolph do after she quit running?

she was a teacher, a coach and a sports commentator

How sports and physical education assist on growth of sports?

In physical education, you are being conditioned for the sports you play. Therefore, it helps you grow in sports.

Who is Dale Jarrett?

Dale Jarrett is a sports commentator and used to be a NASCAR driver.

How many years of college do you need to become a sports commentator?

4 years

Do you have to play a sport in order to become a sports commentator?

no, but it would help you to get the job

What American president began his working life as a sports commentator?

Franklin roosevelt

How tall is James Brown the sports commentator?

james brown is 6 "11

How much does sports commentator make?

itdepends how good he is and hoe famous he is and his negotiation

What is The name of the month sports commentator Chile Nationality?

Luis Omar Tapia

What is the benefit of sports education?

Sports Education can be important to keep people away from slipping into obesity. It teaches you about sports and how to play them.

What movie and television projects has Nikolai Ozerov been in?

Nikolai Ozerov has: Performed in "Bolshoy kontsert" in 1952. Performed in "Khokkeisty" in 1965. Played Karychev, a sports commentator in "Khod beloy korolevy" in 1972. Played Kommentator in "Odinnadtsat nadezhd" in 1975. Played Sports commentator in "Vsyo reshayet mgnoveniye" in 1978. Played Sports commentator in "Devushka i Grand" in 1981. Performed in "Sopernitsy" in 1985.

What does a sports commentator have to do in terms of language?

A sports commentator is not required to speak any other language than that of the nation they are broadcasting from, commentators rarely even bother to pronounce foreign sports players names correctly, so in terms of language all they have to do is speak clearly so that people can understand them