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The Dallas Cowboys have had seven previous head coaches: Tom Landry (1960-88); jimmy Johnson (1989-93); Barry Switzer (1994-97); Chan Gailey (1998-99); Dave Campo (2000-02); Bill Parcells (2003-06); and Wade Phillips (2007-10). Jason Garrett became the first former Cowboys player to be named head coach of the team on November 8, 2010.

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The Cowboys have had eight head coaches in franchise history:

1. Tom Landry (1960-88)
2. Jimmy Johnson (1989-93)
3. Barry Switzer (1994-97)
4. Chan Gailey (1998-99)
5. Dave Campo (2000-02)
6. Bill Parcells (2003-06)
7. Wade Phillips (2007-10)
8. Jason Garrett (2010-present)
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Q: What are the Dallas Cowboys coaches.?
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