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Kenesio tape

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Q: What are the Chinese volleyball players wearing on their backs?
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These players help protect the goalkeeper?


What is perimeter defense in volleyball?

The Perimeter is a simple defense. There isn't as much movement as with the Rotation Defense, especially for middle backs, but it's geared to help players be in position to dig a hard driven volleyball. The defense protects the outside of the back court which leaves a hole in the middle, but with a good defensive team everything will be able to be covered.

Soccer players who have worn 2?

alot of right full backs usually

What sport needs a number of 13 players?

Rugby bro. 6 forwards and 7 backs

What are the red marks on the backs of the Chinese olympic divers?

They are bandages to assist compromised muscles, that is all.

Why are fireworks important in Chinese culture?

because they are used in festivals and celebrations and in older times the chinese used them to fight battles by strapping them to the backs of arrows

What did women do in ww2 to make it look like they were wearing stockings?

they would draw vertical lines on the backs of their legs

How do the football players get there jerseys?

It all depends on the positions the players play Quarterbacks and kickers: 1-19 Running backs and linebackers: 20-49 Offensive Linemen and defensive linemen: 50-79 Receivers and defensive backs: 80-99 They number the players this way because it is easier for the referees to determine who is eligible to get the ball

What are the red marks on the backs of the Chinese divers?

K-tape, it helps to relieve sore muscles and joints

In rugby how many players are in back?

'The backs' are made up of: Scrum Half (No. 9), Fly Half (No. 10), Inside Centre (No. 12), Outside Centre (No. 13), Left Wing (No. 11), Right Wing (No. 14) and the Fullback (No. 15). Therefore there are 7 players in the backs.

What could Chinese immigrants bring to America?

The Chinese men arriving during the California Gold Rush of 1849, for the most part, brought only the clothes on their backs.

How many players in high school volley ball game?

Three forwards and three backs compose a team.