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If memory serves me correctly, the Beverly Brothers was a team that was made up of 2 Superstars that made a much bigger name for themselves in single's competition. One member was originally "Flyin" Brian Pullman, which was later known as the "Loose Cannon" Brian Pullman. Unfortunatley, the world of Sports Entertainment lost Brian some time ago. The other member was at one time known as "The Ringmaster" and was employed by the Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, as part of the Million Dollar Foundation. This superstar later made a much bigger name for himself known as the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is currently in a contract with WWE to film three movies.

The first answer is incorrect. The Beverly Bros. were Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom. They were an incarnation of the Minnesota Wrescking Crew pre-WWF. The previous answer is describing The Hollywood Blondes. As far as what the Beverly Bros. are doing now, I believe they're retired or working the indies every now and then.

Both were in WCW about 2 years before it closed down using they're real names, Wayne bloom and mike enos. they are pretty much retired now. the Beverly's had originally been in the awa as the destruction crew, then the awa shutdown and they joined wwe. enos started his career off as an awa referee.

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Q: What are the Beverly Brothers doing now?
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