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Q: What are the 6 ways to reach 1st base without recording an at bat?
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What are six ways to reach first base without getting a hit or walking?

Error Catchers Interference Fielders Choice Intentional Walk Hit by Pitch Dropped Third Strike

What are the three ways a batter can get on a base in softball?

There are several ways to reach first base, but the 5 ways to be awarded first base, without putting the ball into play: 1. Hit-by-pitch 2. Base on Balls 3. Intentional Walk 4. Dropped 3rd strike 5. Catcher interference (hitting catchers glove while swinging)

How many ways to get to base without a hit?

Get four balls than strikes....thats it!

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How many ways can a player reach first base?

1. Base Hit 2. BB 3. HBP 4. E 5. Fielders Choice 6. Dropped 3rd Strike 7. Catchers Interference 8. Runners

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