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AnswerWhich of the following was not a major battle of World War I?
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Q: What are the 5 major battles of World War 1?
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What are the 5 major battles of World War I with dates and locations?

whatare the five major battles of world war 1 with location and date

What were the two major battles after America joins in World War I?

world war 1

What major battles was Woodrow Wilson in in world war1?

Woodrow Wilson did not see any major battles in World War 1. In fact, during World War 1, he was the President of the United States.

Was most of the major battles fought in Luxembourg?

was most of the major battles of world war 1 fought in Luxembourg ...true or false

What is The Belgian site of three major World War 1 battles?


What are the names of the major battles in World War 1?

jutland battle and naval battle

Major battles of World War 1 involving Great Britain?

The Somme, Ypres, Passchendaele.

What happened during world war 1-?

During World War I most of the major battles were fought in Europe. It was a victory for Allied forces.

What major battles did Russia fight during World War 1?

First battle of Tannenberg was one

Where did world war1 take place?

In Europe. World War 1 was a global war. Europe was the site of most of the major battles, battles also took place in Africa, Middle East, and Asia.

Name 2 major battles if World War 1?

the battle of the aisne the battle of tannenberg

What are some key battles to World War 2?

World War 1

What was a major battle for the US in World War 1?

The war started in 1914 and ended in 1918. America only joined in in 1917, and missed all the major battles!

Were any battles of World War 1 in the US?

No, it was a European war.

What battles were held in world war 1?

There isn't enough space on this site to list all the battles of WW1. It was a global war with battles taking place in Europe, the Atlantic, Africa, Asia and along the coast of the Americas. To list all the battles would take a long time. The website First World War (see link) has an extensive list of the major battles.

Where did the battle of the world war 1 happen?

There were many battles in world war 1, fought at many locations

What was Germany's majors battles in World War 1?


What Are The 10 Major Battles Fought During World War 1?

Many of the battles of World War I were fought with hundreds of thousands of troops on each side. Some of these battles were at Ardennes, Belleau Woods, the Somme, Gallipoli, Ypres, Kut, Bazentin Ridge, Samarrah, Chateau-Thierry, and Passchendaele.

What role did the French play in World War 1?

France was a major participant in WWI and many of the battles were fought on its soil and it capital was threatened by the war itself.

What happened at ypres in the world war 1?

Ypres, Belgium was the scene of three major battles during World War I. The town was nearly destroyed three times from 1914 to 1917.

What were the major battles fought by Australia in World War 1?

The Battles were fought at "North Africa" against the Italians, The "Pacific" against the Japanese and in "Europe" against the Germans. hope this helps :)

How many battles were fought in world war 1?

they were 78 battles fought in four years

Where were the critical World War 1 battles at?

mostly france

Where were most battles fought in World War 1?


What were three battles of world war 1?

in the mongermery hall!

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