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The three styles are classical, contemporary, or modern. :)

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Q: What are the 3 types of ballet?
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What types of the ballet?

Classical ballet and contemporary.

What are the different types of ballet?

Classical and modern ballet

What are different types of ballet dance?

classical and contemporary ballet

Dance and ballet?

Ballet is dance. there are loadsa different types of dance.

Tap lrish and ballet are all types of what?

types of dances

What are 3 different types of dances?

hip hop, jazz, tap, lyrical, acro, ballet, and contemporary

What are the different types of Ukrainian dance?


What are the three types of ballet dancing?


What are types of ballet clothes?

usually pink tights, solid color leotard, and sometimes a ballet skirt and legwarmers. Pink or canvas ballet slippers

Best ballet companies in the world?

1. Mariinsky Kirov Ballet 2. Bolshoi Ballet 3. New York Ballet 4. American Ballet Theatre

Is ballet classical?

Ballet is one of the first types of dance and uses classical music so it is very classical.

What are the best ballet companies in the world?

1. Mariinsky Kirov Ballet 2. Bolshoi Ballet 3. New York Ballet 4. American Ballet Theatre K. :)

What are three types of dancing?

ballet,contemporary and hip hop

What are the two main types of dance?

Hip Hop And Ballet

What are the most popular types of dance?

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.

What is a list of the different types of poems?

sonnet, ballet, haiku

What types of dance can you dance on on fifteen?

the type of dances you can dance at 15 are ballet, jazz, and lyrical (mix of jazz and ballet)

Where can you listen to grade 3 ballet music for free online?

where i find de ballet song grade 3

3 types of dances?

Jazz, Pom, Ballet, Hip Hop, Technique, Kick, Flamenco, Belly dancing, hope that's enough(:

Is Jazz Ballet a sport?

Of course! All types of dance are sports.

What is the origin of jazz dance?

ballet as all other types of dance

How do you do a jete in ballet?

There are various types Of jétés, so please specify.

What are the top 10 ballet schools in the US?

1. American Ballet Theatre 2. New York City Ballet 3. San Francisco Ballet 4. Miami City Ballet 5. Pacific Northwest Ballet 6. Boston Ballet 7. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre 8. Ballet Arizona 9. Washington Ballet 10. LINES Ballet

Types of ballet?

There is R.A.D (Royal Academy Of Dance) ,B.B.O,Character ( Tarantella German many types),

What are the top 10 ballets in the US?

#10 New York City Ballet #9 American Ballet Theatre #8 San Fransisco Ballet #7 Atlanta Ballet #6 Boston Ballet #5 Houston Ballet #4 Miami City Ballet #3-Pacific Northwest Ballet #2 Joffrey Ballet #1 Washington Ballet