What are the 2 shots in tennis?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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basic: forehand, backhand, serve, lob. advanced: topspin, slice, flat, and dropshot

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Back-hand and forehand shot! :)

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Q: What are the 2 shots in tennis?
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What are the release dates for Hot Shots Tennis - 1990 VG?

Hot Shots Tennis - 1990 VG was released on: USA: December 1990

What is sequence of shots in tennis called?

A rally.

Will there be another hot shots tennis get a grip?


What are two shots in tennis?

a forhand and a backhand.

What is short tennis?

Short tennis is normally where you play a normal game of tennis, except in the service box/es. This is good for practising angled shots, and drop shots. Hope this helped! If this question helped you, please recommend me! =)

What are four basic shots in tennis?

Forehand, backhand, serve, and volleys.

What is the collective noun of volley?

The noun "volley" is used as a collective noun for a volley of shots; a term used for gunfire or for tennis.

Is treatment for tennis elbow with cortizone shots OSHA recordable?

Injections are medical procedures beyond first aid. So treatment for tennis elbow with cortisone shots would be OSHA recordable - but only if the problem (tennis elbow) was the result of paid employment activity or was aggravated by paid employment activity. Unless you are a tennis pro working for someone else, getting tennis elbow from playing tennis is unlikely to be the result of your work activity.

What is a different between a light tennis racket and a heavy tennis racket?

Yes, the weight. The lighter the tennis racket, the lighter you hit the ball. The heavier racket can hit harder shots.

What is a high tennis shot called?

The name for a generic shot in tennis is a stroke. Strokes include forehands, backhands, volleys, drop shots, lobs, approach shots, serves, returns, groundstrokes, half-volleys, lob volleys, overheads, etc.

Can I get a device that allows me to practice my tennis shots by myself?

Yes you can. You can buy a tennis ball machine. You can keep it in your house and you can use it to practice and to enhance your skills in tennis and you will become a very good player in the future.

How many shots do a dog have to get?

about 2 rebabes shots